Reversing camera?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Interior Upgrades' started by MGORDON, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Steve@Tasca

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    It's likely "possible" to add the OEM camera, it won't be easy or cheap and there's no way to be sure it'll work until someone tries to do it, the Focus ST guys ask this question all the time but not a single one that I'm aware of has stepped up and actually spent the money to try to do it.

    With the way all the modules in the car interact these days it's not as simple as wiring something in and putting power to it, you have to make sure it also communicates with other parts of the car.

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  3. Kilowhisky

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    looking at the FSM there is definitely some odd communication going on between the modules of the car and the camera. Its not something as simple as a 1 way video feed with power. That being said i highly doubt ford would make a whole software revision just to remove those features. Probably just need to add the right wires in the right places and everything should come alive.
  4. marc89gti

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    I think the best option and cheapest is to go with the Coastal Elec Tech My Ford Lockpick 2 or Navtool with one of the above cameras that goes into the default location. Then all you need is an rca cable from trunk area to display screen.

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  5. Steve@Tasca

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    You might be surprised, look at the regular Fiesta LED driving lights. All cars without them are actually equipped with the wiring and in fact the wiring plugs into blank sockets on the back of the blanking plates but if you buy and install the lights they won't work and it's not possible to go in to the system and toggle the function on. At least no one that I'm aware of has figured out how to make it work.

    Cruise control is another one, back in the old drive by wire Focus if you had a car without cruise all you had to do was install a steering wheel with cruise buttons and then go into the computer and toggle on the cruise and it would work. That ability is no longer present, it's simply not possible to add factory cruise.

  6. landwombl

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    You can add factory cruise, theres a few threads about it on other forums. However you need ETIS reprogramming to make it work...
  7. Steve@Tasca

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    Just got back from Sema, might have found some decent solutions to the backup camera issue. :)

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  8. crzyworm623

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    Well please do tell.
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    Well don't keep the boys in suspense
  11. Ronbo

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  12. Steve@Tasca

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  13. Firesail

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    I got one of Gentex's auto dimming rear view mirrors with Homelink. It replaces garage door openers as well as giving me the auto dimmer I wanted.
  14. CarGuy

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    Any updates to this thread?
  15. Steve@Tasca

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    We never went any farther than looking at the aftermarket kits.
  16. CarGuy

    CarGuy New Member

    This is really sad with these so common and so many of us wanting them that Ford completely missed the boat on having this as an accessory. It should have been engineered in from Ford at the very least as an after sales accessory
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  17. Sil3nt611

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    From what I hear it's going to be a mandatory thing here pretty soon so we will probably see it as a standard feature on the next gen Fiesta at the very latest. The main reason I wouldn't want a reverse camera is because it comes with those ugly bumper sensors. I don't want ugly bumper sensors. A better hidden placement of the camera would be good too. I don't really care for the current placement of the ones on the Fiesta Titaniums. But that's just me being picky.
  18. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    I've made it 30+ years driving and backing my car out of various locations without a camera. My mothers 2015 Escape has one and while it's sort of neat I just can't use it, I still have to look back to see where I'm going.

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  19. Izzy

    Izzy Member

    LOL...that's exactly how it was for me when I had my G37s. Took about 2 mo. for me to actually get use to it and use it. Now I miss it dearly!!
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