Road & Track's 2013 Performance Car of the Year

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST News and Reviews' started by golfhack, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. golfhack

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  3. Devon

    Devon Member

    Loved the fact that the FiST ate the Mini JCW GP's lunch... that's a car that costs $44,900 CAD without any options lol.
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  4. johnnyquest

    johnnyquest Member

    It's the cheapest, it's the slowest, and only a Mercedes AMG and a Corvette were more fun to drive. Awesome!!
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  5. wash

    wash Active Member

    The mini was almost 3 seconds faster on the track, so I wouldn't exactly say its lunch was eaten.

    It would be interesting to see what a Cobb tune could do about that and if we had a 3 door the weights could have been even.

    Still there is no shame in losing to a Corvette or SLS Black.

    Throw about 10k at it and you might never have to wave cars around...
  6. totusPorcus

    totusPorcus Member

    interesting. i always have two cars. a performance car and an 'around town' car. i was on track to buy a C7 (and likely still will eventually). but i decided on the fiesta this year because of its lack of issues on release and the c7 which is simply full of bugs, especially with the various computerized components.

    go over to and take a peak at some of the issues with that car... when it works, owners love it. but when the rear end melts down because they forgot to fill the diff or the infotainment system stops working or cant be seen at dusk or the car simply stops in traffic and wont start for no apparent reason, it doesnt provide much confidence in buying one of these cars in its first year.
  7. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Whoa! I got goose bumps and a tingle in the nether regions reading that!!!
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  8. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    For me, I have always preferred quick over fast. I have had several small sports cars like an Alfa Spider, Scirocco, 1st gen and 7th gen VW GTI, early Mitsu Eclipse turbo... In my locale and driving it's just more fun. As much as i would love to own a Boss 302, I couldn't see driving it on the freeway stop and go everyday.

    The GTI was fun. The Fiesta ST will be funner.....Quick over fast any day...
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  9. mamiata1

    mamiata1 Active Member

    Pretty impressive finishing 3rd to one car that costs more than double and another that costs 10 times as much!
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  10. EvoNiner

    EvoNiner Active Member

    I've always wanted fun over fast. Ever since I owned my first SVT Focus and it opened my eyes to driving something that's enjoyable. Toss it in a corner and have a ball! That is always funner to me then... Find strait road... Mash pedal... Shift... Yay. I don't get what's exciting about strait line fast.

    That's why I own a Fiesta ST, a 91 Miata, and an EVO IX because of all the cars I've driven and raced, they are the funnest FWD, RWD, and AWD cars I've driven.

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  11. Can't wait for a review with all 4 cyl cars out there. Or cars in the same price range. GTI, Civic SI MazdaSpeed 3 etc. Reviews like this to me are a waste. Though I'm glad to see they liked the Fiesta ST. Every article I've read has been very positive. It will be difficult for the Fiesta ST to lose a "real" competition.
  12. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    I also have to admit, the faster the car, the worse I got at AutoX. Track events were different, there was plenty of time and road. But in the insanity of quick AutoX runs, yikes! And so I feel this Fiesta is the right choice. It has the blend of just enough power to keep you thrilled, yet handling closer to a sports car of days gone by.
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  13. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I love it when the automotive press, and more enthusiast based press, fall in love with the Fiesta ST. It makes me feel good inside, and even better when many of their writings fall in line with stuff I have been saying since my first test drive in April. It is just a really well balanced performance car. It isn't the fastest, it isn't the most powerful, but it is nicely balanced and affordable. You can have a ton of fun in the ST at a pretty low price.
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