*S*O*L*D* Winter studded tires, mounted on rims, with TPMS

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    Four mounted studded winter tires, with TPMS sensors and the Ford TMPS trigger tool.


    The wheels are Anzio Turn 15x6.5 4-108 in BLACK.

    The tires are 195/55R15 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 studded snow tires with one season on them.

    TPMS sensors are Schrader 315MHz rubber.

    The TPMS trigger tool is the Ford TPMS19.

    Neither the wheels nor the tires are scuffed. There are no missing studs. The wheels are in Western MA (01002 zip). I am willing to ship on your dime or meet you within 100 miles.

    The wheels are being sold because I sold my FiST to fund another project. A few comments:

    The rims absolutely clear the calipers and caused zero problems or overheating when I used them this past winter.

    The tires are studded snow tires (OE outside diameter, speedo is spot on) and are the best winter tires I could find in an original OD for the conditions at my location. Handling, acceleration, and braking in ice and snow are beyond outstanding. On dry pavement, the tires are acceptable, but you certainly feel the blocks flexing and the studs bouncing on the pavement. The tires are pretty loud.

    wheel1_s.jpeg wheel2 _s.jpeg wheel3 _s.jpeg wheel-sign_s.jpeg
    Taking pictures of wheels turns out to be harder than I thought; if you need more pictures, please PM.
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  3. aim

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    SOLD to an SES owner. Thank you for your interest.

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