Sadly, one less Performance Blue on the road :(

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by ST_Rocky, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    Sadly, there is now one less FiST on the road :(

    I had a blue one in the Dallas area, until Thursday night - when some hit & run asshole dashed 3 lanes over on the westbound 635 to try and make the 35E south exit at the last minute! Thanks to years of track & AutoX since 1974, everything went into slo-mo and autopilot. I am lucky to be alive right now, but the car has been declared a write off.

    Was in the far right lane with no traffic around me. Saw a big black sedan (Mercedes or BMW) out of the corner of my eye coming at me about 45 degrees towards the front of my car. I swerved to the right to avoid contact, but he still hit my left front bumper, and continued on without stopping! Car started to go sideways, but racing skills kicked in, and I calmly fought for control. Ended up going right between 2 guardrails, missing both (left had the crush zone, right one would have sliced us in half!), and then the bottom of the car was ripped to shreds by a large upraised concrete, went through a couple of signs, then into gravel. Am lucky the car finally stopped where it did, cause a few feet further, I would have gone over an embankment, either head first hitting the road below, or flipped with the roof (and me) crushed - and perhaps hit by another car on that road!

    All this time, the jerk took off, and not one person stopped to help, see of I was ok, or to be a witness!

    Man, am I pissed off!!!!!!

    Now I need to find another car soon.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. Flaco1

    Flaco1 Member

    Man glad you guys weren't hurt ! Looking on the bright side, another FiST to be bought. I've been right threw there a couple of times... not good.
  4. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    You're not too far from where I just moved to.

    Glad it wasn't any worse and the car kept you safe. I know firsthand how terrible the DFW drivers are though. Just like that guy, they often jump several lanes at a time. I live and work off 114 so it isn't as bad. I think one reason some people didn't stop is that if they had just immediately stopped in the middle of the highway they would very likely have been mowed down by someone else. If I would have witnessed it I would have at least done my best to try to get turned around and back there with my dashcam footage.
  5. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Good to hear that you are safe and sound! Could have been much worse I am sure. It sucks to lose the car, but that can be replaced. The waiting for a new one is going to really be a pain after owning one.
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  6. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    So needless to say, are their any PB or MO FiST's in the Dallas area? I had the full package one with the Recaro seats, sunroof, painted wheels and red calipers. Would also take a FoST in ST3 trim if the price is right. But I need to get a car soon.
  7. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    glad you are ok, but sad to see the end of your ST. :( Can you check with any area dealers who have a ST on order that you can get changed to the options you want and priority bumped to 10?
  8. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

  9. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    Thanks!!!! Looking into the 2015 now.
  10. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    Glad you're okay! That's a nasty shunt. People are jackasses...
  11. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    Well if you see a black sedan with a damaged bumper you know it's him. I suppose if you do not have anything better to do you could hang out by that exit around the time of the accident in the coming days to see if it is a regular stop for him or her.
  12. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    Are there any differences between a 2014 and 2015 FiST's? Cause I found one of each in MO not too far away, with all the options I wanted, and had on my original.

    Also, is MO a decent color to get over the PB I had? Does it keep its value? Cause there are no PB anywhere to be found with what I had on mine
  13. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    I can't find any differences on the ford build site. I prefer PB over MO but one of the three I've seen in person, green, red, orange, the orange looked the best.
  14. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    Well, that MO is a Fiesta ST only special color. So might be worth getting, if I can't find a PB. Way too many black or silver cars in Texas. Even my PB was sort of rare, in the mass of boredom colors.
  15. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    I think the orange is better than blue, but then I really really want an orange car, so I'm a bit biased. :p I say go with the orange. If you've never seen an orange in person you may like it even more when you do.
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  16. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I think the MO is the best color, naturally, because I own one. Very few people who see it in person don't love it. It looks very red when it's overcast, but when the sun comes out, the gold flake really makes the color pop! I ordered mine without ever seeing the color, and I'm glad I did! I have yet to see another one on the road. I'll be curious to see how many were made in this color.
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  17. Kap

    Kap Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about the car and the collision, Rocky, but I'm glad that you're ok. That was a close one, and you're fortunate that you were able to remain cool under pressure and get out of this one alive! :eek:

    I hope you can find a replacement soon!
  18. OrangeFist

    OrangeFist Member

    Dear Rocky, first of all, glad you're allright. Is the police looking at all for the person that hit you? People like that deserve to go to hell.

    My local dealer has a PB with every option last time I checked. Also an MO with everything except the navi. Very few people know what a FiST is, so they might give you a real good price on it. They also have a green one with the only option being the painted wheels and red calipers. Might be fun to come up to Northern California and drive home on the coast highway. It would be a nice consolation.

    I'm not getting any kickbacks but its Mike Pardue of Henry Curtis ford in Petaluma, CA. Really nice guy. Tell 'em Kevin sent you.
  19. ST_Rocky

    ST_Rocky Member

    Don't think the cops are looking at all for the jerk, and told me most of the traffic cams are not even working, wow!

    I have finally been able to find an MO with everything on it, so back to being a FiST owner again! And hopefully THIS TIME, a FiST in MO will be bright enough to see, and NOT hit again!

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  20. OrangeFist

    OrangeFist Member

    Horrrrraaaaaay!!! MO rocks!
  21. Flaco1

    Flaco1 Member

    Awesome !

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