SCCA Autocross results thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by CrookedRacer, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. TRev

    TRev Member

    Congrats on the open PAX win! Glad to hear you had a great day.

    There was an EcoBoost Mustang at Blytheville. It was an auto though but it did get out of the hole well even on the stock tires. I am surprised that it was that close to the M3. M3 also on Stones? The cool temps probably didn't allow the M3 to use power as effectively and surface grip/course tightness would also play into that possibly.
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  3. Des

    Des Active Member

    It was probably 60 degrees in the afternoon, and the M3 was on Bridgestones, so I think it was the runway course that suited the Mustang. The next day's course had a couple of extra digs and the difference was .7.
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  4. Des

    Des Active Member

    Yes, we're on the stockers, and even with that have touched the fender on a super-sharp bump. The extra height may not be worth it if you don't regularly run out of gear.

    Setting up for Crow's Landing (super smooth, wide-open concrete) vs. Packwood (bumpier, elevation changes, lower ultimate speeds) has been an interesting lesson. The bar makes an obvious positive difference on our runway courses and at Crow's, but I think it hurts us at Packwood. Same thing with the 17s.

    Clearly I need an adjustable bar and a set of 16s!

    And to the mustang question, locally (and probably regionally) I think I'll do well. The car is definitely more nimble with less weight on the nose, and I think that having power that you can get to the ground is way better than too much. I can see a good alignment (you can slot struts and use camber bolts) and a bigger rear bar improving corner exits, where you wind up waiting a beat or two to avoid push.

    But there's no fix for the relatively short gearing (57 mph on the Stones). I bet I'd lose a tenth or two on every shift.

    Thanks for asking -- I'm super excited about it.
  5. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    So Des, how's the front bar working out? Sounds like you are getting good results with it.

    Also, I drove an S2000 at our last local event. Wow I miss RWD. One of my best pax finishes in recent memory too. New Mustangs look like fun.
  6. Des

    Des Active Member

    RWD feels like an old friend, but I'm sure after a year or two I'll want the challenge of fast FWD again. I miss my S2K too but it was *cheaper* to buy the Mustang than to find a 8 year old Honda.

    I think the bar is a huge improvement, but agree it's sometimes just too much for smaller, tighter courses. In a perfect world I'd bring both bars to Nats and go small for digs and sweepers and big for transitions.
  7. TRev

    TRev Member

    Des, I found that any large offsets, hard transitions that require getting on the brake and back on the gas, seem to generate much more wheel spin with the larger bar. I think the bar is the way to go with courses that have transitions that do not require significant braking/throttle inputs.
  8. :) . Ironically my next move is a pair of 17s for the front (and flip the 4 16s)

    FWIW, the 2015 GT with PP also has about that same gearing. And obviously can get there more quickly when conditions allow. Chatted a little with Chris Cox about it (2015 GT with PP) and he thinks the new rear suspension allows "GT levels" of power down well enough to negate any weight savings advantage. Worth noting he was pulling 1.9x 60fts at the Crows Pro on those same 275/35R19 RE71Rs !!!
  9. Des

    Des Active Member

    I hope Mr. Cox makes it up to Packwood (for the Tour, I mean -- even I am not dumb enough to think the EB can hang with the 5.0 at a Pro). And Ed, will you be up?
  10. I think Chris and Pilar are planning on heading up for 1 or both weekends at Packwood.

    Still hoping to make it one of the two myself, will have to assess work PTO bank situation (to leave enough for Nationals + other stuff). Leaning towards the Pro Only, and driving up instead of towing up.
  11. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    The mustang is definitely on my short list of next cars. Saw the GT350 pricing may be around 47.....that makes it a possible...but not sure what class it will fall into. The new smaller camaro with 455 hp is also in the running....especially if the 1LE package is still so much better than the Ford PP.
  12. I'm not sure the current 1LE is truly faster than the current GT PP...or E9x M3 with the right options if the results from out here in CA so far are indicative ;)
  13. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Local autocross event Sunday. 4th Pax out of 68 cars. Beaten by Mike Bronson, Carl Kirkegaard, and Mike Leeder. The first 2 just trophied in CS at Spring Nats and from what I can tell, Leeder does very well in Wisconsin. Excellent course that probably favored horsepower a little bit though the top PAX folks were not in high powered cars. I was on the rev limiter in 2nd 3 times during each good run.

    Most interesting experience this weekend was going on 2 wheels twice in 1 run. It occurred in a high speed slalom-like element with the stability control off. When it happened, I just kept going. Sorta knew it had happened, but it did not feel like it was going to flip the car. Nobody said a thing to me about it. I have less than Zabruder quality video of it on 2 wheels. Switched to sport on stability control after that and actually ran faster. No 2-wheel shenanigans with sport stability set.

    I now have 205/45/17 RE-71r's all the way around and a low-buck 3" exhaust. I was going to put a stock Fiesta front swaybar on, but gave up when I got to lowering the engine crossmember. F that, but maybe I should go ahead and do it if the thing is going to act like a bicycle. Any opinions about that would be appreciated. I was going to stiffen the front Koni's, but didn't get it done.
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  14. 1. Nice job on PAX!

    2. Definitely goto the bigger bar. Under car video on my car (both with stock Front/Eibach Rear, and Eibach Front only) shows the extra stability of the bigger front bar, and driving experience becomes more, umm, "confident".

    3. While not as easy as the rear bar swap, the front bar swap isn't as bad as you think :)
  15. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Thanks SS. Probably put the bad boy back up on the lift. Anyone got a socket for those weird bolts.

    As for the Mustang GT PP versus the 1LE. The tires on the Mustang are crap relatively speaking. I have had them on 2 mustangs. The 1le tires aren't the best, but they are pretty good before the weather and/or heat cycles get to them. I really wish that Motor Trend et al. would do something to equalize tires especially when they do track testing. They have a valid argument for not doing that, but at the very least a caveat regarding tires should be made in everyone of those sorts of tests.

    Found a 2015 PP ecoboost for 25k on Its a bit tempting.
  16. Front subframe bolts = E12 ("inverted Torx"). I ordered this from Amazon which included the right well as some other E and T sockets that'll likely be useful on a Ford ;)

    Install write-up I did for some locals after installing the bar :

    1. In air, remove front tires
    2. Remove front exhaust hanger
    3. Disconnect endlinks at bar (need hex key to hold the stud while removing nut)
    4. FRONT subframe bolts (the ones you can access "straight up" thru the hole in the lower control arm, E12) : loosen completely then REINSERT 3 turns to hold subframe
    5. Remove 3 bolts holding steering rack to subframe (13 or 15mm, forget which)
    6. Support subframe with jack, and remove rear braces (subframe to body) and rear subframe bolts
    7. Lower subframe as far as it'll go with jack.
    8. Remove 4 bolts holding on bar bushings to subframe.
    9. Wiggle out bar
    10. Reverse with new bar. Have someone push the rear bar as far towards the BACK of the car as you can while tightening it down to the subframe to avoid potential interference issue (i.e. "clunk") between bar and subframe if it is an Eibach bar. Corksport and Ford bars have plenty of clearance.

    You'll want U-Joints, swivel-headed ratchets and wrenches.

    Torque specs :
    44 ft lbs for front subframe bolts (factory spec)
    66 for steering rack to subframe (can get torque wrench on 2 of 3)
    35 for bar bushings to subframe (2 of 4)
    Factory spec for rear subframe bushings was 74 ft-lbs plus 240 degrees...which looked to be in "strip them out" territory. So we instead lock-tited them and did 90 ft-lbs.
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  17. Des

    Des Active Member

    Too good a pic not to share: Dieter Beldi on his way to winning the Northwest Region Pro Solo Super Challenge in Packwood in my/his Fiesta.
    I ran the Mustang and finished third. We had hoped for a face-off for the championship but I got too greedy.
  18. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    1) 1st place! in HS at the Detroit SCCA Summer Heat Solo held June 21, 2015 at the Pontiac Silverdome.
    2) H Street. OE wheels with 205/40-17 Falken Azenis RT615K tires. Green Filter air filter. FSWERKS sport exhaust. my mountune gearknob rocks.
    3) I'm an excellent driver.

    4) 2nd and 3rd place were 2nd and 1st overall in H Street in the 2014 Detroit SCCA Solo series.
    5) Performance Blue.
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  19. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member


    2nd in pax by .083

    2) No changes in equipment. Did make adjustments. Ran 40 psi in front tires and 44+ in back. (205/45/17 re-71r's) Also, set front Koni's to 1 full turn from soft.

    3) Don't think I did anything special.

    4) Full disclosure: There were 3 guys not there that might have beaten me. 1 guy who might have beaten me only got 4 dry runs. I got 6 dry runs. I was faster than him with my first 4 runs.

    5) Black.

    Random thoughts:
    I have been doing a lot of 2 wheeling. Not sure what to do about that. I am running a full tank of gas with the thought that it would lower center of gravity. I have the rear seats folded down. I don't think it does 2 wheeling as much with the stability control in sport. Still haven't done the swaybar. Hope it helps. I sorta wish the new super tires were outlawed. I can't recall this problem on last year's tires though that was also pre-koni fronts. These new tires are fun and wear out quickly. Next year's PAX numbers for classes that use street tires are destined to change significantly. I had a faster raw time by 2 tenths, but had 2 "barely" cones that got me.
  20. Bigger front bar. Helps a LOT on the "bicycle avoidance". I have undercar before and after video...the change is pretty notable.

    Afterwards, the car also slaloms quite a bit better, and is likely faster on SOME courses (transition heavy = easily faster...bunch of corner digs, likely not). Downside is power down out of corners becomes worse.
  21. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Yep. Gotta get that bar done.
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