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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by CrookedRacer, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. eRic

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    1) 2nd place in HS at the Michigan Sports Car Club autocross held June 28, 2015 at Schoolcraft.
    7th of 62 on PAX.
    2) H Street. OE wheels with 205/40-17 Falken Azenis RT615K tires. Green Filter air filter. FSWERKS sport exhaust. my mountune gearknob rocks.
    3)This wasn't an SCCA Solo so there's no Run/Work order. I took 3 runs back to back then 2 runs back to back.

    4) 1st place was my SCCA PDX instructor driving a Fiesta ST on 215/45-17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires on orange Sparco Assetto Gara wheels.
    5) Performance Blue.
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  3. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Interesting on your two wheeling issue. I ran at Hawkeye earlier this season (what a GOOFY surface btw) and had zero issues with that. I have actually never felt my car up on two and if it did I didn't notice it. That is with or without koni, with or without a bigger bar, etc.
  4. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    IMHO, little chance this happens without this year's tires or race compound. Not sure what is causing it, but culprits might include my size and my driving style. It might be happening without you knowing. I was surprised when somebody told me that my car was on 2 wheels at Hawkeye. It was unsolicited information from somebody I do not know. I hope nobody else is having this. If not great. For now, I just need to get a handle on it...or maybe training wheels.
  5. FWIW, the "Internet Famous" one last fall (Simmons) was a bone stock car on 225/45R16 Z2SS ;)

    While "moar grip" certainly is a factor, it isn't the only one...
  6. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Good point. I agree.
  7. TRev

    TRev Member

    My car never got up noticeably on two. I would hopefully notice...used to practice driving on two wheels in my Bronco II. I ran some really grippy sites like Blytheville and Lincoln too and Milwaukee has a couple areas that sloped. There was a dip on the track when Simmons got his on two wheels. Hawkeye is sloped though it is not extreme but that could be adding to the weight transfer. The one other track where I know it happened also has areas that are not level though I am not sure what part of the course it went up on.

    My primary concern was a high speed tank slapper when I had my car. The Focus got on two at Wilmington last year with one at the top of 2nd in the slalom at the Pro as evident by the rollover marks half way down the sidewall. That was on RS3V2's but the concrete does have good grip too.
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  8. eRic

    eRic Active Member

  9. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

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  10. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Sorry for the poor quality video. Watch as I come back toward the camera, the car gets light on the right side during two right turns with the second being more pronounced than the first. I was at or near redline in second during these turns (transitions).

    This did not happen in the same spot with the stability control set to sport.

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  11. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    1) July 11-12, 2015 After The Fireworks Solo at Oscoda.
    Saturday, July 11th - Pro Solo
    Sunday, July 12th - Solo
    2) H Street on OE wheels with 205/40R17 Falken Azenis RT615K tires. Green Filter air filter. FSWERKS sport exhaust. my mountune gearknob rocks.
    3) Saturday was a Pro Solo with 4 runs in the morning and 4 runs in the afternoon.
    Sunday was a Solo with 4 runs.

    4) 2nd place Adam Miller is 2014 Detroit SCCA regional champion in HS.
    5) Performance Blue.
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  12. Ylli

    Ylli New Member

    Is that a Chevy Volt before you? Interesting!
  13. HardcoreFiSTing

    HardcoreFiSTing New Member


    I'm getting ready for the Wilmington Pro-Solo, and I think it's finally time to bite the bullet on the front bar and Koni's.

    Can anyone provide any insight on the pros and cons of the various front bars that are available? I believe our options are CorkSport, Eibach, Cobb, and maybe Base Fiesta? I hear some take more adjustment to get them to quit "knocking" and some are a bit easier to install?
  14. HardcoreFiSTing

    HardcoreFiSTing New Member

    What I have so far, so that others have this info nicely bundled in the future:

    OE non-ST - 22mm? (this information is according to Eibach. I would guess that being OEM this is a solid bar, if so, this could be the stiffest?)
    CorkSport - 22mm 4130 steel tube (hollow)
    Eibach - 25mm "Tubular" (I assume this is just another way to say that it is hollow)
    Cobb - 25mm Hollow

    Not sure if any of these are adjustable.

    On another note: I keep seeing claims of much more camber than my local track/autocross race shop was able to get out of my front end. Is there some trick here? I really wish the SCCA would come to their senses and allow everyone to use camber bolts regardless of whether they're in the FSM or not so that we could quit killing tires for no reason. I find it hilarious that I can spend 4-6k on shocks but not chump change on a cheap camber bolt.
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  15. KKaWing

    KKaWing Member

    They were going to allow camber bolts, but it was killed in the proposal phase. I could only guess why so many people protested. Perhaps those that cannot use the bolts (cars like the Focus ST and 3 series BMWs) didn't like the disadvantage?

    A certain ft86 club forum had the entire thing buried in their autocross thread.
  16. FYI, Eibach tubular has (best as I can figure) a 5mm wall thickness. Which means it has equivalent rate to a 24mm solid (I can show the math if you want :) ).

    OE non-ST is confirmed 22mm solid.

    Corksport is 22mm, not confirmed

    FWIW, I'm at a little over 1 degree of camber...legally. Agreed on camber bolt idea in theory, but do think it needs some limitation. AKA, define "camber bolt", otherwise if I were going for as much negative camber as possible (and safety be damned) I'm using a (much) smaller diameter hardware store bolt and slamming in the struts. And can't go by just what any aftermarket manufacturer calls a "camber bolt", otherwise I'll just resell those hardware store bolts (for the very reasonable price of $40 shipped :D ) as the "Impala SS Autocrosser Inc Camber Bolts for Ford Fiesta ST". Think like someone who would take a very creative interpretation of any loopholes in the rules, and write your rules appropriately ;)
  17. As for bar impressions, I've run both stock and Eibach, and taken a few runs in Des Toups' car which has the Corksport and Navid's car (setup below).

    Eibach is vastly improved on transitional stuff, but does have issues laying down power.

    Corksport is better on transitional vs stock (by quite a bit), but not as good as the Eibach. It is a bit better on power down though.

    I have an OE non-ST waiting to go in, hoping to install this weekend then test on 8/9. I expect the OE non-ST to be somewhere between the Corksport and Eibach.

    On a course that is very transitional (i.e. runway courses, Crows Tour and Crows Pro this year), I'd probably go for the Eibach or non-ST OE.

    On a course that is very much power digs (i.e. Packwood Pro this year, or many "postage stamp" lots) I'd go Corksport. Note the only car that even touched the 2nd Rev limiter at Packwood was Deanna and Travis, who were on (by far) the shortest tire). My data showed max speed of 53 MPH. So you wanted/needed power down, but not much room to actually stretch it out!

    FWIW at Packwood Pro, and ALL of the cars were on the single adjustable off-the-shelf Konis :
    • Dieter (driving Des' car, Dieter is in process of buying it from Des) was on the Corksport, 215/45R17 RE71Rs all around.
    • Navid was on the stock front and Eibach rear, with 225/40R18 front RE71Rs (I think 205/50R16 Z2SS in back) for Saturday runs and swapped to 215/45R17 RE71Rs fronts for Sun morning and challenge.
    • I (Ed R) was on the Eibach front bar, 205/50R16 RE71Rs all around.
    • Deanna and Travis were on (I think) Eibach front bar and 205/45R16 RE71Rs all around.

    The real question is which type of course do we get in Lincoln :D
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  18. And final bar notes :

    Stock and Corksport have no clearance issues.

    Eibach you'll want someone to help you and push the bar all the way to the REAR of the car while tightening down the bar bushing clamps. Otherwise, "somewhat tight but doesn't hit" clearance to the subframe will turn into a "knock knock". Ask me how I know :)

    I also assume OE non-ST will have no clearance issues to the subframe. Issue there is bushings, specifically the listed Ford bushings are cheap (few bucks each) but the BRACKETS are stupidly overpriced (over $50 each...keeping in mind the bar itself is only a little over $50). I have a couple of alternatives I'm pursuing, will report back more once I install.
  19. MacDubois

    MacDubois New Member

    We just need to petition Ford to update the service manual to allow slotting of the struts like they do in Mustangs... For "repairs"
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  20. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    The OE non-ST bar has no clearance that is what I am running. WAY better than a rear bar on the car.
  21. OE non-ST bar in this past weekend.

    FWIW, for bushings/brackets I ended up going the aftermarket route : ~$20 on Amazon

    Worked perfectly, and a lot cheaper than the Ford solution. The OE ST brackets won't (quite) work with the OE non-ST bushings...and I tried!

    First event with it is this weekend (Crows Landing = Lincoln-esque concrete). Will figure out after that (we are "A->B" testing with 2 cars set up with different front bars but otherwise same) if Josh and I stick with this bar or the Eibach bar for Solo Nationals.

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