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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by CrookedRacer, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Nik17

    Nik17 Member

    1.) Link event 1_fin.htm

    2.) G-Street. Stock except for 215/45/17 Rivals. Started at around 42/36 psi cold

    3.) TCS off, heat on low for morning runs

    4.) Only real competition was an '01 Subaru 2.5 rs, just about fully 'street' prepped with Z2s, Konis, and a rear sway bar. He won the now defunct RTA last year in the region. I didn't expect to catch him as I'm not too familiar with the FiST yet but in the end I had him by about one second.

    5.) Car performed wonderfully, rear end rotates easily and only seems to understeer when pushed probably too hard. The car definitely has a good amount of potential and it should make for a good battle in GS with the 2.5RS for the rest of the season.
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  3. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member


    2.) G-Street. Stock except for drop in Air Filter. RE 050 tires at 45/35 PSI cold

    3.) TCS off

    4.) Won against a new Golf GTI, Focus ST (which somehow got through tech as 'stock' in spite of being a stage 2 Cobb), and a newer A4... in fact I was PAX'd as 14th in 98 total drivers, so a really awesome day at the track.

    5.) Tuxedo Black
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  4. limbo

    limbo Active Member

    Nice results, especially on the stock tires.

    Tech doesn't make any determination as to class legality, only safety. It would be up to your or one of your fellow competitors to protest his results to the officials. (obviously doesn't matter since you won).
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  5. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    We have two different autocross groups in Pittsburgh, one is SCCA and the other is non affiliated. When I raced with Steel City (SCCA group), they were always in the habit of ensuring that anything that went through inspection was within the correct class. The non affiliated group, not so much. Its more informal which is why I prefer it, I mentioned the tuned Focus because of the large difference in power between the two cars, yet the absolutely stock Fiesta with a reasonably good driver won... so kuddos to the little guy,
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  6. limbo

    limbo Active Member

    Just goes to show how important driver skill is in the equation, nice work!
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  7. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    Detroit SCCA Season Opener
    1) 4T of 14 in G Street
    17 of 163 on PAX
    2) G Street. OE wheels/tires 42 PSI front, 39 PSI rear. Green air filter. COBB shift knob. Perrin shorty antenna.
    3) Sport Mode carrying a passenger on every run.

    4) VW GTi on 255/40-17 Dunlop Direzza vs. FiST on OE 205/40-17 Bridgestone RE050A
    5) Performance Blue
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  8. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Nice work!!

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  9. k757

    k757 Active Member

    FISTs had a good day at NASA based auto-x today. (L) slowclimb took 2nd and (R) I took 1st

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  10. conevadr

    conevadr New Member

    1) a link to the results posted elsewhere on the inter webs Jersey Champ Tour Final Results.pdf

    2) your class and your setup (brief- we don't need to know your shift knob rocks)

    225/45-Z2s on Sparco 16s, Eibach rear bar, factory alignment.

    3) how you drove... Did you leave the a/c running? ( that's my personal go-to excuse )

    1st real event with FiST (25 second local at 45 degrees last week not much help). Temps at Tour were low-60s cool with some sun on Saturday and chilly (50ish?) overcast on Sunday. ESC fully off. Chasing pressures to help balance, especially on sweepers. Stayed at 40-42 front. Tried rears at 29 down to 27 on Saturday. Rotation was ok but inconsistent balance in sweepers between neutral to pushy. On Sunday, went the other way and started at 52 and up to 58 in rears by third run. Rotation was still there, but sweeper balance was better and more consistent. I also switched from left foot braking to right foot braking for 2nd/3rd runs Sunday after deciding that FiST doesn't have enough turbo lag to require LFB, at least on those courses which were fairly large (>8/10th mile). I also have a bad habit of using the LFB as a crutch to turn the car which is ok for dancing around a small local lot, but kills off too much speed on real courses. Even on these courses, wasn't getting much heat in the rears, but with frequent wheelspin, front tires were getting pretty warm on these 70 second courses.

    4) notes on your competition (nationals driver in a sorted celica, or a novice with three passengers)

    I'm not really competitive, but the Celica that won Nationals last year and has been cleaning up recently was there and easily won the class over a FoST and me much further back.
  11. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    1) a link to the results posted elsewhere on the inter webs:

    2) your class and your setup (brief- we don't need to know your shift knob rocks)
    GS with 215/45/17 Rivals, stock wheels up front 42mm offset OZ Ultraleggerra's in the back. Koni shocks in the back set 1/2 turn from full stiff.

    3) how you drove... Did you leave the a/c running? ( that's my personal go-to excuse )
    I did 5 out of 6 runs with stability control off. One run in sport. Fastest runs with stability control off.

    4) notes on your competition (nationals driver in a sorted celica, or a novice with three passengers)
    Local competition. CP car has won trophies at Nats in the past. New WRX might be a force. Well driven and has that torque vectoring magic going too.

    5) color of your Fiesta ST ( or whatever else you wish to add )
    Back in black
    In 10+ years of SCCA Solo I have 3 3rds, 2 this year, 2 4ths, 1 this year. I have run 3 times this year. The car is amazing.

    Not sure if the Koni's helped. I think the stock shocks might actually have more compression. The koni's were squeaking like crazy. Probably the bushings since they were not the right fit (at least I hope it is the bushings).
  12. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member 2014-may-04_sum.htm

    Nasa Class E - Car is Bone Stock

    Sunny about 60 degrees - really tight course
    All Accessories off, traction control totally off, running with a co-driver (tire warmer)
    These were stock tires - so this may not apply to Dunlops -
    Fastest time set with my fronts at 38...dipped down to 36 but was getting too much roll over...I had them as high as 40 but the car pushed too much at 40.
    Rears ran from 50 to was too loose at 50 during the one high speed turn, but felt better in the lower speed Chicago boxes. My fastest time was with the rears at 45....allowed me to keep the car flat through the high speed section and was bearable at lower speed.
    You had to be patient on the throttle to keep it in tight and not induce push. Basically learning how to be quicker in the car despite the tires, none of which will apply once I get some real rubber under it. o_O
    Took second in Nasa Class E down by .049 to K757 and up by .043 to what would be a Street touring civic on Rivals and just over a second to a fiat Abarth and a mini cooper S with a questionable set up (lowering springs, Koni yellows, and "Some kind of tire") good day and both cars represented well. Lots of interest from other drivers.
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  13. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    1. I'll post the link to the results page as there were two events.

    2. Pro- KM and PRO GS. Running 225/45/16s on the Fiesta and a rear bar.

    3. Drove the kart on Saturday and got my ass kicked physically. Drove the Fiesta on Sunday. The runs on sunday were a mixed bag as the temps were a little colder in the AM then on Saturday and warmer in the PM by quite a bit.

    4. Competition , in PRO ample. Tons of former national champs and top national drivers. I really forgot how fast everyone was.

    5. Ran 36psi and 32 in the rear in the morning. Bumped them up to 42 and 37 in the afternoon as it warmed the car wouldn't rotate with the lower pressures. Overall in GS I would have finished 2nd (Pro is grouped different) as a FoST beat me out and I couldn't drop time. There was another FiST driver the finished just behind me. I had done Fun runs the day before in the FiST just to get used to it and if they would have been real runs I would have PAXed in the top ten.
  14. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member


    2. Pro class using RR 2014 PAX, 225/45-16 ZIIs

    3. Conditions started wet and got drier but I could only make small improvements as it dried out. Finished 8th of 12 with only 94 out of 100 percent of the winner. Definitely my worst event in the FiST so far.

    4. Four other Nationals-level drivers including winner Kevin Dietz in an S2000.

    5. Performance blue
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  15. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member


    2. PAX class using modified NWR PAX indexes that don’t penalize street class (HS-SS) cars as much. 18 drivers in class. 225/45-16 ZIIs 40/37 psi.

    3. Conditions were wet all day though they were best for first runs but only slightly. Finished 1st in PAX by a mile, about 1.3 PAX seconds ahead of the second place DS car and 0.6 ahead of him in raw time despite getting only one clean run (I hit the same cone the other two runs). James Rollo in a FoST finished 3rd but was 2 seconds behind me. Note that for PAX class the 4th run is just a “fun run” and does not count though in this case it would not have made a difference. I aso had the top overall PAX for the event by about 1/2 second. Note: Using the Rick Ruth PAX indexes would have dropped my winning margin down to a second but would not have changed the results any.

    4. Six other Nationals-level drivers in our always-tough NWR/SCCA class

    5. Performance blue
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  16. Travis T

    Travis T New Member

    class -
    index -

    Fiesta ST with no options running in GS on 225/45-16 Direzza zII tires/Sparco wheels as the only non stock items. Running 38f/35r hot pressures.

    2nd out of 6 in class, but no where close to first place. 36/110 on index. I'm really rusty, did a test and tune a few weeks ago, aside from that I'd autocrossed 1-2 times in the last 8-9 years. I used to autocross regularly, but was never one of the fastest guys out there even then. Was chopping a ton of time off each run, and there was still a lot left.
  17. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    You can check out my results on the Wahoo Autocross link.

    Next stop, ST Octane Academy! So looking forward to it........
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  18. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    Michigan Sports Car Club - Sunday, May 18th, 2014
    1) 'G Street' Total Entries: 8
    1 29 Juergen Gemnich 14 Volkswagen G 43.494 - -
    2 2 Jen Wong 10 VW GTI 43.743 0.249 0.249
    3 34 Eric Penn 14 Ford Fiesta 44.754 1.011 1.260
    4 156 Scott Ford 13 Ford Focus S 44.763 0.009 1.269
    5 72 Caine D'Onofrio 14 Ford Focus S 46.863 2.100 3.369
    6 201 Aleksey Shepelev '12 VW GTI 48.347 1.484 4.853
    7 299 Sathak Manna` Saab 93 turbo 48.450 0.103 4.956
    8 77 Matthew Hammond 10 Kia Forte SX 48.799 0.349 5.305

    2) G Street: OE wheels/tires 42, 39 PSI front, rear. Green air filter. COBB shift knob. Perrin shorty antenna. STOA "ST" badges.

    3) Did the first run in Normal [D'oh!] then switched to Sport mode for the other three.

    4) Apparently I need wider tires...
    G Street [GS]
    2 Wong, Jen 10 VW GTI Black Bridgestone [T] 255/40/17
    29 Gemnich, Juergen 14 Volkswagen GTI Grey Dunlop [T] 245/40/17
    34 Penn, Eric 14 Ford Fiesta ST Blue Bridgestone [T] 205/40R17

    5) Performance Blue
  19. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    Detroit SCCA Memorial Day Solo - Monday, May 26, 2014

    2) OE wheels/tires 42, 39 PSI front, rear. Green air filter. COBB shift knob. Perrin shorty antenna. STOA "ST" badges.

    3) Did the first 3 runs in Sport mode then switched AdvancTrac Off for the last run.

    4) beat one of the VW GTI
    G Street Class
    # Name Year Make
    3 Keener-Shipp, Paul 2011 Volkswagen GTI
    11 Hines, Chris 1999 Audi A4
    24 Britton, Neil 2013 Ford Focus ST
    33 atkins, nick 2004 Dodge neon srt-4
    34 Penn, Eric 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
    77 Atkins, Michael 2004 Dodge neon srt-4
    125 Wong, Jen 2010 Volkswagen GTI
    135 Garrett, Joshua 2014 Ford Focus ST
    707 olson, chris 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

    5) Performance Blue
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  20. Des

    Des Active Member

    Two events over the weekend:
    Porsche Club at Alameda, CA (ignore first Fiesta; he was really driving an SM Evo)
    Lotus club at Marina, CA

    Rear shocks, no bar, 235s up front and 205s in the back.

    Marque clubs, so no traditional paxing. Raw times were 27th fastest of 118 at PCA, 14th of 69 at Lotus. (My feeling from looking at the cars I know is 5th in pax at PCA and first at Lotus.)

    PCA course was mostly flat-out, with two third-gear spots, but with one cringe-worthy set of kinks. At the top of second gear, the car rotates great. At low speeds, I just parked it and turned.

    Lotus was silly tight. Front shocks would have helped a bunch.
  21. Nik17

    Nik17 Member

    A little late on this:

    1.) 2 class results.htm

    2) your class and your setup (brief- we don't need to know your shift knob rocks)
    GStreet with 215/45/17 Rivals set around 44/38

    3) how you drove... Did you leave the a/c running? ( that's my personal go-to excuse )
    I think I did pretty well, but there was certainly plenty of more time out there

    4) notes on your competition (nationals driver in a sorted celica, or a novice with three passengers)
    Only competition on 'good' tires was the same full prepped 2.5rs, but this time he swapped in a rebuilt engine, so in the end he was a little bit closer.
    Before the last run, he had me by 0.004. I wasn't about to lose by that much, so I went 0.266 seconds faster on the last run to take the class.

    5) color of your Fiesta ST ( or whatever else you wish to add )
    Some tire notes:
    After 3,000 miles, and 40ish runs my fronts are toast. I guess I should try a little harder to control wheel spin with the next set.
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