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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by CrookedRacer, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Wow, if you were that fast you should have brought your FiST to Nationals. Looks like you were only 0.22 off his times in Lincoln in a Suburu WRX? And 0.3 in a Fiesta?
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  3. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Yeah, the WRX I only had 6 auto-x runs in before the National event (That includes 4 Test N Tune runs at Lincoln). I wanted to see how I did in STX in a car that was totally outclassed by the twins. The tires I had on the FiST would not have been legal at Nats as they were the ZII Starspec. I bought them when I decided not to drive it to nationals.
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  4. TRev

    TRev Member

    I felt like the course was pretty well balanced for the FiST vs FoST this past weekend. Definitely a bit more in favor of the FiST over most of the National courses I drove this year but a bit more friendly to the FoST than the Winnebago event right before Nats. It was nice to see Andy there as he has been to quite a few events also in a FoST and is a good consistent driver. I typically have been anywhere between .3 sec to 1 sec ahead of him. This weekend I was .3 seconds ahead of him on a 99% run. I had my brakes ice mode in the morning on my first run and DNF'd. Second run I went at it 100% and one cone with a raw of 44.2. Made a mistake on my third run and came in at 45.x but clean at least. That was the AM session with Ryan ahead of me by a tenth. The first run of the afternoon session, my brakes went ice mode again in a different section and I DNF'd the first run. Raw time was a 44.2 but I had slowed down enough that the DNF probably was a wash. The second run I backed off a bit to get a clean run in and came in at 44.6. I then tried to go back to 100% and hit a couple cones (in the tighter slalom section) and ran a 44.1. I definitely feel like the FoST had a low 44 in it on a good day at 100%. I ran the same course last year in the BRZ. The same Corvette club put it on and they use miniature cones which for some reason throws me off a bit and I struggle to get clean fast runs due to coning in the slalom. Ryan, Tim and Andy all had good drives and some really CLOSE results! Adam really struggled chasing the SRT-4. My FoST was tight at Lincoln on the Federals and the complete opposite this past weekend...really, really loose. Wheel spin was also really pronounced most likely a combination of temperature and surface. Adam was having similar but worse problems with the couple year old Rivals. He had ran a 50.0 dirty and I think he felt like that time was definitely there which puts three different models almost on top of each other. Ryan, do you feel like you left anything on the course on your fastest run? If yes, how many tenths?
  5. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I agree it was better for the FiST then the national courses. I had ice mode happen to me on the tight right hand at the start on run 4. Run 1 I was all ove r the place in the slalom, the rear was REALLY loose, more so then normal at DCTC. Run 2 I dropped over a second to get to 45.2 and then the 3rd run was my best at 44.940. Run 5 and Run 6 I was all mentally out of it and was braking too soon and too much. Into the crossover on both of those runs I hit the brake too hard and then I chicken braked into that little pinch on the first sweeper and it was just terrible from there out.

    I think realistically if I hit the course 100% like I planned in my head, a low 44 would be possible. I know on my fastest run I set up for the pinch right correctly but I went a little too quick into it so I know pushed a little to the left so I didn't set up for the gate after like I would have wanted. Going down the hill I just tapped to settle the rear but I know I was off the limiter going through the crossover and into the sweeper. I pushed a little wide and had to compensate with more brake to hit the chicane right. The actual sweeper turn I think I hit correctly on that run as I needed little steering input to make the turn. Coming into the left up into the slalom I just brushed the brake to settle it as I found on run 1 that the rear would slip too much. (That was the error Tim was making as well) Was able to carry good speed though the slalom but I know I pushed on the left out of it ( I started on the right in the slalom) and I know I was wide on the toilet bowl so I never really got set in the finish which SUCKED.

    All of that I know I left 5-6 tenths out there and with all those things I did wrong I know I could had a better run, I think I just left too much on the table but I think that a lot. It would have to be a 100% run imo to get there and I could be overly optimistic on what the car could actually do. The mistakes I had were minor but when you are talking tenths a couple feet off in a sweeper can be huge.

    Andy is an interesting guy. He always shows up, keeps pretty much to himself and then drives the wheels off his FoST. I know who he is and offered to help him in grid at Nats but he was cool and pleasantly declined. He is just one of the quiet types which is fine. I know he can drive fairly well. Adam said that was the worst he had ever driven at DCTC and watching him on course, he looked out of place, if that makes sense. Maybe the stc civic has messed with him more then he thought as he normally just hands it to me in pax.

    For what it is worth with H-Street pax math....35.817 which would have been good for 2nd behind Tim.
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  6. MacDubois

    MacDubois New Member

    I've really got to get to more events. Never cared for COM events, and I am always slow at DCTC, but it still sounds like a good time.

    Sadly I'll miss M6 & M7 too. Hopefully I'll make M8 though.
  7. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    It would be nice to see you out in a lot again.
  8. TRev

    TRev Member

    The person I have run with the most, FoST vs FoST, is Andy Weigel. He is a good consistent driver. Below are the events we ran against each other and the raw time differential between my best run and his. As you can see, the range is from .35 to 1.25 seconds and the average is approximately .95 seconds in my favor. Dropping the two highest and lowest times, the average is 1.04 seconds. The data includes this weekends event where I and Mightymango co-drove my FoST on day one and Mightmango's FiST on day two. Driving the FiST today, I narrowly edged out Andy in his FoST by a scant .04 seconds.

    FoST vs FoST
    Spring Nats Day 1 1.05
    Spring Nats Day 2 1.12
    Milwaukee 8-16-14 0.35
    Milwaukee 8-17-14 1.14
    DCTC 9-14-14 0.71
    Fall Nats Day 1 1.25
    Fall Nats Day 2 1.07

    MWOG 9-20-14 0.93 advantage to me
    37.184 Top Index Time
    38.759 FoST G Street Index - Pax Pos = 7 | Differential of 1.575 from top index time.

    FoST vs FiST
    MWOG 9-21-14 0.04 advantage to me
    39.933 Top Index Time
    41.311 FiST *hypothetically* on H Street Index - Pax Pos = 7 | Differential of 1.378 from top index time.
    41.777 FiST on G Street Index - Pax Pos = 14 | Differential of 1.844 from top index time.

    If the FiST did have an H Street index, this weekend I would have pax'd day one at 7th in the FoST and day two in the FiST in 7th. The differential would have been a bit better for the FiST by .2 seconds.

    If I was on average about 1 second slower on a 60 course in the FiST vs the FoST (using the 0.95 sec average difference between Andy and I, FoST vs FoST and the single event data point of my advantage in the FiST of 0.04), adding 2 seconds to my Nationals time puts me at a 130.332 and Reno ran a 129.342 to win H Street. The FiST would still be 1 second behind 1st and .406 seconds back from Tim in 2nd on stock shocks. The fastest FiST at Nats ran a 132.758.

    My (FoST), Andy’s (FoST) and Mightymango’s (FiST) are all on stock shocks. All had rear bars. Andy is on stock rims with 245/45R18 tires (.3 inches taller than stock FoST) and he has the same bar as my FoST. Mightmango’s car is using the just released revised Z2 which I might add feels very nice transitionally.

    Thanks Mightymango for letting me drive the FiST!
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  9. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    1) a link to the results posted elsewhere on the inter webs

    September 20 & 21, 2014
    Washington DC Region SCCA championship series events 5 & 6 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland

    4th in class; 26th in PAX out of 168:

    2nd in class; 14th in PAX out of 194:

    2) your class and your setup (brief- we don't need to know your shift knob rocks)

    Same as at Nationals except:
    • the front Konis were adjusted to FULL firm on bump and rebound (they were set to half bump / half rebound at nats).
    • went back to the direzza ZII's because I want to use them up so I can mount winters on those wheels.

    3) how you drove... Did you leave the a/c running? ( that's my personal go-to excuse )

    I drove really well both days.

    On Saturday, Andy Thomas left the door open to 3rd place when he coned his fastest raw time. I just didn't walk through that door - I barely coned on my last run which would have beaten his best clean time.

    On Sunday, I felt like I drove particularly well, and my second run was fastest...
    Run 3 I forgot to let air out and the tires were probably too inflated. I was all over the place and plowed through a cone wall.
    Run 4 I let some of that out again but the car went into "Ice Mode" on the first right-hander pinch and I had to push/scrub all the way through the turn.

    I ended up 14th in PAX on Sunday.

    4) notes on your competition (nationals driver in a sorted celica, or a novice with three passengers)

    Two nationals drivers and a very strong FoST driver in Steven Holtzer. (hey, make that three nationals drivers - I'm a nationals driver now!)

    5) color of your Fiesta ST ( or whatever else you wish to add )

    White with silver paw prints, "Dogpark Racing" decals, and all the stickers from nats... I'll take all that nonsense off after my upcoming track day (HDPE-1):

    NASA Mid-Atlantic @ VIRginia International Raceway October 3-5, 2014
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  10. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    You are very welcome, you left before I was able to say thanks for the co-drive...but I know you had a 3 hour drive home.
  11. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Thanks for all the results and input from everyone. I think the HS move would be a good one. After reading Trev's numbers I looked up my results vs. Greg Reno. I didn't separate out the two-day combined times, so divide these by 2. At Ft. Riley in GS vs. HS pax I was +3.508 to Reno. In HS vs. HS pax I am +2.632. Bearing in mind that was the first and only time I tried the Federal 235x40x17s up front with the OEM 17 Bridgestones in back. Giving up 30 pounds of rotational weight to my 225/45x16 Dunlops that my newbie buddy was using that same weekend. He came very close to me convincing me the Federals were not a good idea (no offense Jim). Compared to several other locals I regularly compete with I could have done better.

    At the Lincoln Midiv in August vs. Reno I was +4.488 GS vs. HS and 3.175 HS vs. HS (2-day total). I did have a horrible day 2 with 2 DNFs and no quality run.

    Unfortunately I missed the first 2-day regional at Heartland Park and Reno missed the second 2-day regional at Heartland Park so there's nothing more to compare.

    So I might as well toss out excuse #3 while I'm at it, I am 60 years old and had two strokes in late Feb and early March of this year so I'm racing with water in my veins, one hand and half my brain tied behind my back... :) I hope you all are as competitive and having as much fun when you're 60 as I do!!
  12. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    The Mini "trunk kit" must be very good too. The top HS mini was only 0.2s behind the top STF mini at nationals. I'm starting to come around on moving the FiST to HS. I may even write a letter.
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  13. TRev

    TRev Member

    Here is another data point from the Wilmington Pro which seems to support the move.

    On the right side course, the differential between the two mini's and two FiST was a very scant .04 seconds. One of those drives was Courtney who placed third in HS at Nats and the one of them was David who I know is also a talented driver.
  14. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Hey, I bumped Scott Bourne out of the trophies at the Atlanta match tour. He seems like a solid driver.
  15. TRev

    TRev Member

    That is good info too and here comes some more bench racing using my rusty math skills haha. Looks like you were about .375 ahead but the course was longer than Wilmington which would imply a differential closer to .3 seconds at Wilmington. Subtracting .6 seconds (allowing .3 seconds for each side) at Wilmington from Scott's time would have had you right behind Ryan by .152 seconds and ahead of Courtney by .116 seconds. Courtney finished .918 seconds behind Reno at the Pro and 1.166 behind Reno at Solo Nats.

    Of course there are also lots of variables and assumptions here, but in all the data I have looked at, I don't see the FiST as an overdog if moved to HS.
  16. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    Smokin'--none taken! I still appreciate very much the use of the tires that weekend. You had a lesser-than-usual performance, and I had some runs that might have been better than usual, and I still couldn't get ya, even on your tires, so . . . well, there ya have it. I've not given the thing too much thought lately, and what with Greg Reno serving up large doses of humble pie to pretty much everyone that slaps "HS" on the side of a car around these parts it doesn't mean quite the same as perhaps elsewhere, but I'm kinda fallin' in like with the idea of moving the FiST to HS. It would create some interesting competition in general, I think, in the class, and remove the FiST from a situation for which it isn't well suited--namely, competing with its own big brother and a couple others. Certainly, putting the FiST into HS isn't one that will make it the obvious king of the hill there, either, but perhaps the competition all around would be a little closer.
  17. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    1) 1st in GS out 10 total cars, 17th in PAX against 113 drivers.
    2) Green Innovations pod filter, FSWerks exhaust, OEM Bridgestone tires (38 front/42 rear tire pressure)
    3) Car really did well and I do not feel as though I left much time on the track. Very open beginning section that let me row all the way up to third gear, then a pinch left hander, slalom, and a series of flowing right to left handers up the lot to the finish. Got into a few other cars with better tires, and I am definitely excited about the possibilities with this car on more competent tires. So many compliments on the car and it's performance.
    4) Only one Focus ST and two other Fiestas. The other Fiesta drivers were pretty experienced. Our setups were pretty much identical, so it was fun to see who would edge out who at the end. Robert K ended up getting within a tenth of me on his last pass, which I got to see as I was working the track, just awesome stuff.
    5) Tuxedo Black
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  18. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    1) NWOR SCCA Solo Event #9 Toledo Express Airport Sunday, September 28th

    2) G Street. OE tires/wheels with 42/39 psi front/rear. Green air filter. Perrin shorty antenna. FSWERKS cat-back.

    3) AdvanceTrac in Sport mode on the first run then turned it OFF.

    4) The course was fast! full throttle in 2nd gear on the limiter though the slaloms... 56 mph.

    5) Performance Blue
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  19. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    @eRic looks like we have nearly the same setup, great videos!
  20. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    The results are not posted yet but courtasy of today’s second place I won the Northwest Region PAX class championship! This is my first-ever PAX championship and it’s all the more remarkable that I did it in a totally stock Fiesta over several National-caiber drivers in much more prepared cars. I’ll post a full report when the results are up.
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  21. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    1) 2nd in OPAX (Open PAX) class out of 12 total cars
    2) Dunlop Dirrezas on OZ wheels 225/45-16, no other modifications
    3) The course was fast but sweepy runway course with two very tight sections. The car handed this very well and some of the competitors remarked later on how fast it looked. I was dirty on the 1st and 3rd runs but managed to keep it clean on my second run which was the fastest anyway. It spit a little rain on the first two runs but so little that it did not affect the traction any.
    4) Several national-caliber drivers as usual in a variety of cars including a Corvette, a couple of BRZs and a very heavily modified Nissan GTR.
    5) Performance Blue

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