SCCA Autocross setup thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by AlanBDahl, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    BTW, did order the j2 3" exhaust so when I install that I will pull a rear shock and see if the koni sport will fit.
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  3. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    He was skeared huh?!
    BTW2, our novice school 4/12 I will be instructing my son (never AXd) in my ST, jimclark in his ST with OEM tires and a Focus ST. I will put down some times in each. :) :) :-0 :)!!!
  4. Nik17

    Nik17 Member

    Haha maybe. We also lost a FiST so I'll be up against a 2.5 RS as my main competition.

    Although I think there's a FiST and FoST in the Novice class, presumably on OEM tires.
  5. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    Smokin', I'm really, really lookin' forward to novice school and getting started with this. Just please remember I'm just hoping to avoid major levels of embarrassment! I figure the whole thing is gonna prove a heap o' learnin' for this guy.

    On another note, though, sorry to hear about the mild stroke. Bummer, that. Take care, see ya Tuesday.
  6. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Had my first event in the Fiesta yesterday. Just to start this out here is a bit of information about myself.
    5 years autocrossing about 10 times per year.
    VW Golf in HS for two Years
    Mazda Miata in STS for two Years
    Mini Cooper in RTF for one year
    I did one Evolution Course
    The Course:
    Pretty wide open, wet to damp conditions, ~50 degrees, dirty asphalt

    The Car:
    The Bad
    Stock Tires - they are not good

    The Good
    Lots of power everywhere on the course
    Good Turn in
    Great in a Slalom
    Great in a Sweeper
    Great braking
    My opinion after the event:
    The car was a lot better out of the box (totally stock) then any of the cars I have driven before. After a few runs I could get the car to rotate with no problem. It was super stable in sweepers and under braking. Quick through slaloms and transitioned really well. I was really happy with how it did everything it needed to do.
    The weather was not runs were in everything from Really wet, to drying and damp. There was about 10 to 15 minutes between runs so I was never able to warm the tires. According to my laptimer I was going anywhere from 31 to 55 mph on course.
    I have another event next week and if the conditions are dry and I can get some heat into those stock tires I think I will do better.
    The big take away for me was that with a bit of work and seat time I am sure this is going to be a great little car. What I think I need...some good tires, still on the fence for sizes, an alignment and some good shocks. Not sure I want to stuff the big tires in as I wonder if this will inhibit rotation. Keith was at the event too with 205 50 Dunlops and they looked good. I will let him comment on his day, but he was faster then I was. The best news is this car tripods like a champ.

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  7. k757

    k757 Active Member

    Meadowlands, NJ yesterday.

    The good: The ST. I had drying conditions from damp to mostly dry with a few small puddles. The course had a couple really tight turns, a couple of small/short slaloms and a few large sweepers. The ST just ate it up and asked for more. Rotation was real easy (traction off) with cold pressures at 38 f, 37 r. Tires are Dunlop Z2 205/50-16 on Sparco wheels. Tire wear was perfect on the rear, I had wear into the tread indicator so I'll to bump the front pressure to 40 which should take care of it. The car danced through the slolams and was turn in was excellent.

    The bad: the car is too quiet. I need an exhaust so I can hear the engine a little more.

    The ugly: my FWD skill. I have 2 yrs experience and won two rookie schools my first year out. But all of my experience was with a 2011 WRX where the car just goes and always has traction. I had WAY too much tire spin at WOT instead of increasing my throttle linearly. I figure that cost me at least a second over the 55 sec course. Overall, I had a very successful first time out with the ST.
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  8. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    Nice! I'll see you guys at the Test & Tune this Sunday! I'm going to the ST Octane Academy on Thursday so hopefully I can learn a little more about handling the car and can apply it on Sunday. I'm bringing 2 sets of tires, the 225/45R16 Direzza ZII and a set of 215/35R18 BFG g-Force KDW2 that I used on my 2011 SES. You guys are welcome to try out the set I'm not using and we can switch them around and try different combos. If it's warm at all, I want to try the ZII's on the front and the stock tires on the back.
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  9. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    That is a great tripod shot Slowclimb.
  10. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    No one gets embarrassed there. It's more like a bunch of guys yelling, "hey fellers, watch this..."
  11. Joshesh

    Joshesh New Member

    So I tried the stock wheels/tires in the rear with my 225/45/16 ZII's up front, and it was a huge improvement on concrete. Weather was low 60's -high 50's and cloudy, until later in the day when it rained on my runs.

    I had a co-driver, he drove the morning runs in my FiST with the bulldog tire setup. And he almost spun it! Huge progress. The tire pressures he ended up with was 35 front and 55 rear, yup 55. I drove the car in the afternoon, first run was the only dry run and I forgot to turn off TC so I was mad at myself and only about 0.4 slower then my co-drivers fastest runs... but then the sky opened up and I was not able to get another dry run in with this setup. With all that said, I drove it a few miles in the mountain roads and I definitely feel this is what close to the optimal setup for this car. Oh yeah, my best standing water run was 1.5 seconds behind my co-drivers best dry time - and I kept the 55 psi rear tires exactly the same, lowered the fronts a couple pounds. I never got close to spinning in rain, but this course was tight and less transition orientated. I did notice lots of extra wheel spin in the wet, very hard to go WOT even when pointed straight. Also, e-brake pulls didn't induce oversteer like I wanted - so I definitely want it twitchier.

    Oh yeah, rear bar ordered - 4-8 weeks to produce me one factory direct from Whiteline - hopefully that and the bulldog setup will make this car as loose as I want it.
  12. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    That's what I wanted to hear! That will also help save a little wear on the ZII's, since I'll probably end up with only two of them on the car at a time. Probably looks a bit wonky with different sized tires and wheels front and back, but I don't really care as long as it works.
  13. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I would try the car before you run that set may work for you, but you may get the car to rotate fine like Keith and I were in the last events. Seems like a compromise to adjust for something that may just be driving style.

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  14. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I've already run two events with the ZII's. I'm happy with the performance in cold temps. The trouble begins when it gets warmer from what I've heard. The ZII's are a little TOO grippy for the back end in the warm temps.
  15. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I'm still waiting for some more feedback before I pull the trigger on tires. I just can't see that it should be that much of an issue to get this car to rotate. Looking forward to seeing how every one makes out as the season progresses.

    I would like to get an idea of what everyone's relative experience is, I know we have guys like Alan who have National Championships under their belt...but was is everyone's experience? Years, Cars Competed with etc...might help to figure out if it is a driving style thing, experience thing or a set up issue.
  16. Joshesh

    Joshesh New Member

    I'll go first since most of you don't know me (except for des).

    Started autox in 2007, after buying a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo
    Raced in BSP/SM for ~ 5 years locally
    Went to nationals in 2010 - 6th place FP (running a friends subaru STI)
    Went to nationals in 2011 - 13th place BSP (in my old mitsu evo)
    Went to nationals in 2012 - 2nd place STU (in friends evo preped for STU)
    missed nationals in 2013 - was running SM evo until its motor blew up

    Sold the evo in 2012 for a DM lotus 7 clone
    Bought a FiST in Feb - running GS for a couple events so far, did one track day at laguna seca
    Track experience - 20+ days in the evo, Skip Barber school formula mazda 1 day, SRF rental at thunderhill
  17. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    Last year was my first in autox. Ran my 2011 SES with an intake, FRPP handling pack and the 215/35R18 BFG g-Force KDW-2's. I still have alot to learn but I'm having a ton of fun so far.
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  18. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Well I don't have an impressive resume but I have a bit of experience

    2000 Palmer Sport Race Experience (UK)
    2000-2005 Finished college got married and had twins so racing/driving was shelved
    2006 bought my evo (Had owned a galant vr4, 3kGT, S4, M3)
    2006 Went to my first Auto-X
    2007 Started to do road tours (evo) ice events (galant)
    2008 Hit a dear with the galant (totaled) Had a friend hit a hay bail in his integra and have to be air lifted out (road tours stopped instantly)
    2011 Finally went to another Auto-X late in the season and was hooked
    2012 Did 5 events of various auto-x driving, finished mid-pack at most as my car and my driving were outclassed
    2013 Did 17 events. Co-Drove in 4-5 of them, all in the evo. Won 3 events, was the fastest fender at 10 of the events (raw time) and was in the top 20 in PAX in most of them which isn't bad for ASP class against a ton of ST guys. Started to instruct at local events
    2014: Nominated as an instructor locally. Picked up the Fiesta and now a YZ125 Shifter kart to go along with the Evo. Planning on Nats and the Match Tour events. Not going to make it to spring nats.
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  19. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Better than mine

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  20. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Hah! Same here. I only ran a mildly prepped STS2 Miata from 06-08. Managed a novice championship and a 2nd place season in the open class. Not an impressive resume.

    I'm turning in strong times in the FiST so far, so I would like to start attending national tour events and see how I stack up. I'd also like to prep the car as much as I can afford, so that I can only blame the driver, not the car.
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  21. EBinVA

    EBinVA Member

    2006: Started autox in an Acura RSX-S
    2007: DSP mk4 Golf 1.8T (it was never going to be a competitive car but it was reasonably well setup for DD/autox/track stuff)
    2008: DSP Golf again before selling it for an AS S2000
    2009: AS S2000 - won local scca region this season, also codrove an STR prepped S2K a few times
    2010-2013: Sorting out real life with lots of injury, illness, and family problems so not really any racing save the occasional codrive in a friend's car
    2014: GS Fiesta ST

    8-10 track days/HPDE thrown in there driving various cars too.

    Getting back into the swing of things with FWD is a pain, the S2K rotated so freely and just did whatever you told it to. I think I'm figuring the car out a lot more now though and I'm quite sure I have a ton of improvement to do as a driver no matter what car I'm driving.
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