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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by AlanBDahl, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I had heard they changed the front design on the st. Not sure if it impacts the ability to use Mazda 2 parts.

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  3. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    If you could, please compare the dimensions between the oem and aftermarket shocks /struts when they are off the car and relaxed. I have a feeling that the rears will be nearly identical, and that there will be a difference up front.
  4. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Joshesh. Awesome. Thanks.

    I know the front is different. It's hard to know until you have the struts side by side to know how different and whether they would work and be legal.

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  5. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Unless the shocks have some exotic features or change the suspension geometry / ride height, then they should be class legal.
  6. Joshesh

    Joshesh New Member

    I took a picture when side by side but the Koni was still extending. They are exactly the same size.

    The fronts might be slightly different, but only way to know is to compare side by side, which I will do later this week.

    ps. my Fiesta now actually rotates with throttle lift oversteer, and a bit snappier response when turning into corners.
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  7. Joshesh

    Joshesh New Member

    FWIW, the car is only 15mm lower than the stock Fiesta. I am betting most of that is made up in the spring differences between the ST and non-ST models. If there is too much variance I will know upon install and I will return them.
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  8. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    I think that the front end having different steering knuckles is what causes the variation. Good luck and thanks for being the guinea pig!
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  9. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    This is what I heard...they changed them to improve front camber.

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  10. wash

    wash Active Member

    I need to look at these knuckles. It would be interesting if the difference was just strut mounting holes drilled 15mm lower...
  11. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    As long as the length of the shocks is fine (within 1 inch), then the shocks would be legal. If I understand correctly, the struts also need to be within 1 inch of the length of the stock struts and they cannot be used to change alignment. The springs need to be located in the same place as the stockers. With struts, I think the main concern would be where the spring mounts and whether there is anything about the strut, maybe how the mount holes are drilled, that would impact camber.
  12. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I was going to cut and paste from the rule book for Street class but the information a bit overwhelming

    The make of shock absorbers, struts, and strut housings may be
    substituted providing that the number, type (e.g., tube, lever, etc.),
    system of attachment and attachment points are not altered, except
    as noted below. The interchange of gas and hydraulic shocks absorbers
    is permitted. The following restrictions apply:
    1. No more than 2 separate external shock damping adjustment controls
    are allowed. This permits the use of shocks which originally
    came with more than two external adjustments, which have been
    converted to double-adjustables, only if the additional adjustment
    controls have been permanently disabled (e.g., via welding, epoxying,
    grinding off). Gas pressure adjustment is not considered
    a damping adjustment.
    2. Suspension geometry and alignment capability, not including ride
    height, may not be altered by the substitution of alternate shock
    absorbers. Aftermarket strut housings are allowed provided that
    they meet the Street category shock requirements defined herein
    (i.e., that no suspension geometry changes result). This includes
    the position of the steering arm attachment point in the case of
    struts with integrated steering arms.
    3. Adjustable spring perches are allowed, but the spring loadbearing
    surface must be in the same location relative to the hub as on the
    standard part. Shims may be used to achieve compliance.
    4. The fully extended length must be within ±1” (±25.4mm) of the
    dimension of the standard part.

    So based on all of that...sounds like it would be a legal mod.
  13. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    So I contacted Koni to see if they knew when the Fiesta ST Sports would be available. I know this is just a customer service reply...but was not encouraging.

    There is current development taking place for the adjustable sport Fiesta dampers but no word as of yet as too whether it will also fit the ST models, or an expected availability date to be released.

    Mason O’Hara
    Technical Sales Representative
    KONI North America
    1961A International Way
    Hebron, Ky. 41048
    859 488-0324
  14. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Koni makes rear shocks for the 2000 to 2005 gti and the early scion xb's that fit the length requirements. Anybody got one of those sitting around that could be test fitted.

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  15. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    I was thinking along those same lines. If all else fails, I think that dimensionally similar rear shocks and koni strut inserts up front may be the way to go.
  16. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I think there are options for rear is the fronts that are limited

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  17. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Has anyone monitored their tire temps? I'm curious as to what temps people are getting to and having good results.
  18. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I just asked a couple of my VW friends, I would be willing to experiment with it if they have a pair of shocks.
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  19. Couldahadav8

    Couldahadav8 Active Member

    Cool. Are you testing this weekend?

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  20. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I will be instructing but I have a friend that will be learning in my car so I 'm going to monitor stuff. One of my friends actually might have a set of shocks, I may not have time to install them until next week which means for next weekend I would be able to try it.

    We have a test n tune on the 18th, I plan on getting quite a few runs in the Fiesta.

    edit : Struck out on the getting Koni shocks. I'll keep looking

    edit2: He possibly has a set of H&R shocks, non adjustable.
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  21. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    I just posted some stuff about Koni inserts in this thread:

    What shocks are available for the ST?

    I'd like to hear your opinions on whether double-adjustable shocks are worth the extra effort vs. single-adjustable shocks.

    Singles: probably a bolt-on job. Cut off the old, stick in the new, bolt it from the bottom, and probably crimp the top four ways in a vise to keep it from moving sideways.

    Doubles: need to weld things on, and have those bits fabricated on a lathe (that I don't have) by someone else (who would love to charge me dearly for the service).

    Who out there has run BOTH double- and single-adjustables in the past, and can offer their estimation of what good it would do and what the real difference between stock, sport, single yellows, and double yellows might be?

    Let's assume for a moment that this car will be driven by a highly-skilled driver (ahem).


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