Selling my COBB Accessport

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST EcoBoost™ Tuning' started by x-wrx, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. x-wrx

    x-wrx New Member

    I'm thinking of selling my Accessport v3 Cobb Stage 1 kit. Comes with a drop-in replacement air filter. I used it for 3 months. Like new.
    I live west of Toronto and hoping to sell it locally.

    Was $600 CAN new. Looking for $450 cash.
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  3. aar0n

    aar0n Member

    Just out of curiosity, why are you selling?
  4. x-wrx

    x-wrx New Member

    There's something else (non car related) that I'm trying to fund.
  5. AMClevy

    AMClevy New Member

    Man, if I had it, i'd take it! Good luck with the sale and your other fund.
  6. dbdevolin

    dbdevolin New Member

    Do you still have it? Contact me Live in Minden Ontario.705-455-7077

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