SEMA 2013: Bojix Design Fiesta ST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by WRC Fan, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member


    Bojix Design delivers a Fiesta ST ready to take curves in style

    • Custom BASF paint job by Bojix Design
    • Incorporates a specially designed 3-inch cat-back exhaust system by Bojix Design and Banks Straight-Shot Water-Methanol injection system with iQ Man Machine Interface
    • Modified suspension

    The 2014 Fiesta ST by Bojix Design gives a driver slot car handling with modifications that add to its handling and appearance.

    From the suspension upgrades, such as coilovers, to powertrain modifications, like the 3-inch cat-back exhaust system, the Fiesta ST provides an inspiring driving experience.

    The custom paint job, using colors from BASF, matches a deep black and rich white with blazing orange accents.

    The final product is a Fiesta ST that is tastefully aggressive, blending improved handling with an eye-catching appearance.
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  3. doudou

    doudou Member

    i like alot the wheels colour hummmmm....idea
  4. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    I'd like to see how that grille looks in real life. Could be interesting.
  5. ziggyst

    ziggyst Member

    well that just about sums up the perfect render...:greedy: flares please, those wheels painted like that please, and the lip/skirting!
    simply amazing
  6. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    So much for the rumor that there will be no Fiesta ST's at SEMA this year. Thankfully that was incorrect! :)
  7. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    Love this one! Not to over the top and clean. Fast and the furious 1 is not my style anymore. I like sleepers as I mentioned in other thread. Nice work! Can't wait to see real shots.
  8. TWDM

    TWDM Member

    My favorite out of the bunch. Nice clean design that's unique but not over the top. Would drive this as a daily driver anytime.
  9. ziggyst

    ziggyst Member

    is there any update on this? please tell me the fender flares turned out :nailbiting:
  10. aborbs87

    aborbs87 Active Member

    Did this not happen for sema?... haven't seen pictures of it
  11. wash

    wash Active Member

    The flares were there.

    The wheels had much less offset than stock which means a large scrub radius and probably much more torque steer (it gives the drive shafts a bigger lever to yank the wheels with).

    It wasn't really my thing and the grill did not match the rendering.

    Here is the front:


    And here is the rear, you can kind of see the back of the rear flare:


    Sorry for the bad pictures, I was just taking detail shots for the front splitter and the Focus ST exhaust tips in the back.
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  12. ziggyst

    ziggyst Member

    oh no :(
    oh no, i dont like how the flares are actually moulded, i like the render much better :(
  13. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    I do like the Focus ST-style exhaust though.
  14. wash

    wash Active Member

    I was not really impressed, the cut out didn't look very nice and overall the look didn't really fit.

    I will be sticking with a stock location outlet.

    That picture was a "this is why I don't want Focus ST exhaust tip" photo, just in case I started to consider it at some time.

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