So my hopes and dreams were crushed yesterday

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by mcummings182, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. brian

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    [quote="mcummings182, post: 3084, member: And the Bridgestone Blizzak tires are perfect for snow and ice.[/quote]
    Blizzaks made me a snow tire convert!
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  3. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    So I got good news today. Picking my ST up on Monday! 36 month lease, 12,000 miles a year for $447 a month. The best part is I got it in my own name and I have terrible credit. My dad cosigned for my last car.

    Its molten orange with orange recaro seats, moon roof, and navigation (which I could have done without but they said they couldn't get rid of even though I'm pretty sure they just have to remove an update on the my ford touch?)
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  4. brian

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  5. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    Congrats!! Can't wait for pictures and videos.... Nov 21st will be here soon can't wait for mine
  6. wash

    wash Active Member

    Navigation package has a bigger screen, that's not easy to undo.
  7. kvetcha

    kvetcha Active Member

    Does it? I was pretty sure it was just the Nav data on an SD card.
  8. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    That's exactly what I thought. Cause when I got in the car I noticed on the screen it said insert nav sd in the upper right corner of the screen
  9. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    That's correct. The UK has the smaller screen if you don't get MFT. But it's crazy that it's $800 for just an SD card to insert and some different software. Unless there's more of difference between the nav loaded MFT and one without...
  10. Removed

    Removed Guest

    Yeah, it's overpriced. I'm somewhat regretting not getting it just because then I'd never need to pull my phone out, but for $800 I can get winter tires or an MP215 kit.
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