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  1. arcyallen

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    I have about 4800 miles on my 10 month old Fiesta. Here are the issues thus far:

    -Squealing/rough sounding brakes. They replaced all 4 rotors over three visits to Ford due to "hot spots".
    -My Sync screen likes to randomly "push buttons" and change brightness on it's own, especially when it's cold. Ford cannot observe or fix, but this morning I discovered if you push gently on the plastic sunshield over the display I can get it to do the button press thing.
    -My trip computer likes to cycle on it's own once or twice a week. I always leave it on MPG, and magically it gets changed. I'm quite positive I'm not bumping the stock. Ford cannot observe or fix.
    -The AUTO feature on my HVAC has shut off on it's own several times now. Again, pretty sure I'm not bumping anything. Ford cannot observe or fix.
    -And the finale: After hearing a light clunking when changing gears 1-2 and 2-3, I've been told Ford would like it for a week for some more troubleshooting and likely a "Transmission Teardown". How is it that I've driven about 400k miles and never had a car need a "Transmission Teardown"?

    This is the most fun car I've ever owned (and my other car is a SC Miata). But this is insane. I know everyone has had a taste of each of these problems. Does anyone else appear to have a complete turd like I do? I'd post an emoticon of a smiley face standing in a puddle of it's own tears, but I don't see one.
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  3. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Sorry to say, but No, I've had zero problems after 30,000 miles in 2 1/2 year.
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  4. SilFister

    SilFister Member

    I have about 5700 miles on mine (1.3 yrs) and so far no problems except the trip computer cycle thing…the last time it happened (about three weeks ago) I clicked back to mileage and kept pressure on the button for about 10 seconds before release; so far the problem hasn't recurred, but it could be just coincidental and not a real solution…...
  5. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member


    Zero problems here either w/ 24k miles and over 2 years ownership.

    The brakes are noisey, but that is due to soft pads w/ high friction.
  6. Well I have about 5.65k miles on my '16 FiST, and I can sympathize for your problems.
    - At about 800 miles severe rattling started on A- pillars, dashboard, passenger seat and passenger door speaker. Even though most of it subsided, random rattles still pop here and there, and all I can do is turn the radio louder until they go away :/
    - Developed a weird metal flapping noise coming somewhere from the glove compartment area. Noise only happens within first 10-15 minutes on slight pavement "unevens", then slowly goes away. Drove for a week with NOTHING in the car except me driving (compartment completely emtied out), can't find the source...
    - Transmission is behaving really badly, I complained once, dealer had mechanic drive, they said it's ok for now. Extremely hard sometimes to select first, then shift into second gear from a complete stop. Had three times previously where it won't allow me to select 1st gear at all (stick just won't go in until I try to like fucking 5-6 times). It stopped for a while, and just two days ago I got stuck and honked at at the traffic light because I couldn't select 1st gear from the stop...
    - Passenger side front strut failed, for no reason when they are supposed to last 100k miles easily (I commute on highway 95% of the time per week)...
    - Elbow rest area thing (whatever it's called) is way too close to the passenger seat, it rubs against it all the time. It's very fucking annoying, and when I drive through bumpy areas I have to push the seat with my right elbow to eliminate that annoying rattle inside the seat. I already have on record that dealer looked at it, it's normal. Two more, and Lemon Law...
    - Brakes make this "ghrrrrrrr" sound when I brake gently to medium-harsh with no music inside. I don't care if it's performance vehicle, many have that, etc. etc. - it's bullshit. My dad has gone through 6 cars in his life, my uncle has gone through BMW 335i, 540i, Porsche 911 Targa, and NONE of the cars made such an annoying brake noise. They are not designed properly, or there are too many defective out there, period.
    - Rocker panels are being so flimsy attached to the body, I was shocked when I can push them laterally and they will have about an inch of deflection. Wtf? Has Ford ever heard of rigid attachment/connection, I don't know, rigid brackets with lots of screws, hello?
    - Heater/AC is fucked up beyond min limits of decency. It blows ice cold air when it's 50 outside and my fan temp is set for 82 with an engine that's been running for at least 30 mins, and then blows warm air when it's 70 outside and AC temp is set to 60. Never seen the system to work that badly...

    Overall it's a great car. But now I know why it costs that little...
  7. Ronbo

    Ronbo Member

    I can't help with your other issues, but this one is a known problem on the '16s and Ford has a fix. I believe it's just a software update that is performed at the dealership.
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  8. oh wow, you sure about that? That'd be nice to get done!
  9. Ronbo

    Ronbo Member


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  10. CGv2

    CGv2 New Member

    Sorry I'm at nearly 45k miles on a 2014 and have had no issues whatsoever. Best of luck with everything man
  11. Doug

    Doug New Member

    Sorry for your troubles.
    I'm currently in the market for a Fiesta ST.
    From reading this it might be a good idea for me to opt for a Ford Certified ST that comes with a 7 year or 100,000 power train warranty, and an extra 1 year and 12,000mile bumper to bumper.
    Would you guys choose the Certified car and pay a little extra? 7 years is a long time.
  12. bobmaxed

    bobmaxed New Member

    I'd pay extra for a certified ST. If done by the book the car will have no modifications, and tire wear will be minimal. Not to many used ST's fit those parameters.
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  13. Maxpowa

    Maxpowa New Member

    Agree with most of you. I have a 2015 with 18k miles and it has been in for warranty work at least 7 times for issues ranging from clicking CV joints, to a leaking sunroof, to engine stalling because of the evap purge valve. Its borderline lemon law for my state, but I enjoy driving the vehicle so much. Ford offered me an extended warranty for my troubles which provides a rental while it's in the shop. Might be worth it for some of you to take it up with Ford corporate. Might get something in return.

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