stage 2 without an upgraded FMIC?

Discussion in 'COBB Tuning' started by mvp8402, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. mvp8402

    mvp8402 New Member

    I got a fiesta st a little over a month ago, I did a few things to it already, I got an injen short ram intake, catless downpipe and a V3 accessport from Cobb, I know cobb requires a cold air intake, rear motor mount and their FMIC to go stage 2, but I dont have one, but like I said, I do have a downpipe, I have the stage 1 map on the accesport, but I was wondering if I can go stage 2 without the FMIC?
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  3. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

    All things considered it's not a great idea to load a program that the hardware installed does not support. I personally push even stock cars beyond what Cobb indicates on their Stage 2 and even Stage 3 IIRC, but that is me taking into consideration many things in the ECU calibrations I've created. I'm not sure how Cobb has approached it since I don't use their Fiesta ST files. Might want to check with them directly since I don't think they post that often. :)
  4. mvp8402

    mvp8402 New Member

    Thanks, I really apreciate it, I will try to stay on stage 1 and wait until I get their FMIC to go stage 2, and then the exhaust to go to stage 3, since all I need is the FMIC for stage 2 and the exhaust after that, to have what I need for stage 3. I also wanted to get arear motor mount but I still havent decided which brand I want it, the cobb one is nice, but so it the boomba racing one, I'm not sure if mountune has one but its a matter of which one works better.

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