Sto n Sho front license plate bracket

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by jfdana, Aug 1, 2014.

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    A friend and I installed the sto n sho front license bracket today. I will be monitoring closely the effect the plate has on charge temps and such. Based on considerable research (staying up really late reading the results of increasingly obscure google searches for several nights in succession) my best guess is that the plate will not have a significant effect on the FMIC. I may be really wrong. The good news is that I can check results of plate on vs no plate, and the plate easily can be removed.

    The further good news is that the install was quite simple and worked well.

    I do like the view. Bumper plugs duly noted. Did I say that it looks so great that people really turn and stare?

    I really hope that the facts bear me out but, as with much science, I am prepared to follow the data and move on to the next plan, if necessary.

    I sincerely hope this one sticks.

    fist.jpg .
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  3. Firesail

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    I will be following this to see the results as I am currently running illegal w/o a front plate.:whistling:
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  4. jfdana

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    First results are encouraging, but far from conclusive.

    For starters, blocking or interfering with the smooth airflow through an air to air FMIC has the potential to degrade performance seriously. This plate mount obviously does just that, but with uncertain results.

    I took an hour drive this afternoon; mixed driving: city, highway and twisty roads. I data logged most, which resulted in way too much data. Ambient air was 74 with 84% rh at sea level. Charge air ranged from 79 to 88.8, remaining between 82 and 85 for 80% of the time. The higher temps were just after short WOT runs in 2d and 3d tapering off in 4th, and returned to 84 after a couple of minutes. Hotter temps while in traffic moderated as soon as we began moving again. OAR remained a -1; Ingnition Corr Cyl 1 was 0. So far so good.

    It remains to be seen how the plate will affect FMIC performance in significantly hotter weather, and in longer periods of flat out driving. I also want to find a spot for a good 10 minute run and do it with the plate on and then off, noting the differences, if any.

    Stay tuned.
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    I look forward to more results. Do you happen to have any more pictures?

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