Swapping 2012 Mustang V6 6 speed for A FiST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WadeWolf, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. WadeWolf

    WadeWolf New Member

    Hello all,

    I have been lurking around the forums taking in as much as I can but I am still hesitant to pull the trigger.

    I have yet to drive a FiST and im working with two dealers trying to get one so I can at least have a seat in one to see how I will like it.

    My question to you all is this. Have any of you moved from a Mustang to a FiST and how do they compare?

    I need better MPG but I dont want to hate my drive, though I doubt that would happen from what I have been reading from you all. I guess I just want someone who has made a similar swap to tell me ho much they love the FiST and don't miss the Mustang at all. Anyone?
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  3. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    Haha there is a member who just swapped his for a Mustang. Maybe he can chime in
  4. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have had 2013/14 Mustang V6 automatics for rental cars and found them to be ungodly dull and lackluster in terms of enjoyment. The Fiesta ST is vastly more fun to drive, fits way more cargo, feels much faster (never recorded lap times or anything to compare with data), and is easier to see out of. At one time, I had considered a GT/CS or even a V6 Mustang with a manual. Every time I drove a S197 Mustang, I remembered how much I don't care to drive the S197.

    Last summer I did some upgrades to my dad's S197 Shelby GT and took it for a test drive. It was a huge dissapointment compared to the Fiesta ST. The Mustang lacked good driver feedback, the steering felt slow to react, and it stopped with a longer distance than I would have expected (BTW, the upgrades were GT500 Brembo's up front). Where the Shelby GT excelled was with a wonderful exhaust note, and people stare at it. The Fiesta ST won't gather all the looks like a Mustang, but sometimes that isn't a bad thing.
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  5. SpaceFish

    SpaceFish Member

    I traded my 2014 Mustang GT with the brembo package (track pack minus the extra cooling and torsen diff) with 3.73s for my Fiesta ST. Both cars are very different, but as a daily driver, the ST is much more fun to drive (then again, I love hauling ass down the winding back roads, not drag racing).

    Like BRGT350 says, I definitely don't get all the attention now that I used to, but that's not always bad thing.

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  6. WadeWolf

    WadeWolf New Member

    I like the idea of less attention from certain people. I always have Dodge Chargers with flashy lights on top turning around to follow me. It would be a nice change to not have that happen. ;)
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  7. envyist

    envyist New Member

    I sold my modded mid 13sec 2013 3.7/mt82 sgm/recaro stang for my fist. Only thing I regret is not finding one that had recaros and rados. So far in similar driving the fist is getting 5-6 more mpg, it's cheaper to insure, easier to maneuver in town/park. And nobody gives it a second glance haha
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  8. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Didn't have a Mustang, but I had a 2010 2SS/RS v8 Camaro with the Manual. I traded that in on an SVT Raptor... then the Raptor in on the ST.

    Not quite the same jump... But anyway, I couldn't be happier with the ST.

    My most all around satisfying auto purchase to date.

    Obviously, there is a different driving dynamic altogether between my Camaro and my ST. Half the power, and FWD... But I gotta say, twice the smiles by far. It's been said a million times, but one of the best things about the FiST is just how much fun it is to daily.

    Precision maneuverability, parking everywhere, saving coin on gas, big savings on insurance, and actually being able to use the rear portion of the car to fit things into? Yes please. I love this car, and as an added bonus.. the lady is happier with it too.

    Another benefit of the maneuverability... I would argue that it has already saved my life due to being able to safely/quickly avoid accidents altogether. A prime example, being this past weekend when I had a split second to react to a drunk driver nearly destroying me on the highway. Could not have pulled it off in either of my other vehicles.

    I do not miss having the Camaro, and I definitely don't regret owning a FiST. If I could turn back the clock, I would have held off on purchasing a vehicle a couple extra years, and still picked up my FiST and saved a bunch of money.

    (I do miss the Raptor, but I do not miss the cost of ownership.) Gas here is higher than anywhere else in North America on a regular basis. Combine that with the worst traffic in North America.... And driving a big truck loses it's appeal fast.

    As far as "attention" ..... The ST rarely ever gets any compliments compared to both my previous vehicles. I would imagine to most people it is just a little hatchback. Very under the radar. If you buy cars for attention.. Don't get a hatchback. Common sense. The odd auto enthusiast who knows what it is will talk to me about it, and every now and then a gal will call it "cute" or something that is supposed to be flattering but as a car guy.... kind of isn't...
    Funny how little attention it gets, yet it receives so much glory in the reviews and magazines.

    I still have not seen ONE in the streets locally. So another plus could be the exclusivity. It's a rather uncommon vehicle. I mean I see Raptors every other day. And Camaro's/Mustangs every 2 feet. I have seen 0 Fiesta ST's aside from mine, in 10 months?

    Camaro easily drew the most attention. Both good & bad. Record of being pulled over 4 times on the way to ONE movie, in under an hour (resulting in 0 tickets, and plenty of harassment.) Lots of bogus parking tickets. And an infinite supply of douches wanting to race. On the flip side, it was a pretty weird experience. Maybe it as because I had one of the first ones locally? They didn't really hit the streets locally much until 6-8 months after mine... But it was like instant rock star status.. People acted like it was worth a LOT more than it was. Tons of people stopped me regularly to talk about it, or take photo's..... And it really had a way of attracting women at an absurd level.

    Anyway, I am saving tons of insurance, and tons on gas. I Absolutely love driving the FiST, and I do not miss the Camaro, and have zero regrets.

    I was pretty worried when I went ahead and traded in the Raptor and fully paid for a FiST without even seeing one in person. I loved my truck.

    But now I love my FiST. And I'm happy about my decision. I would buy the FiST again in a heartbeat if I had to turn back time and decide again.
  9. The Duke

    The Duke Member

    Coming from a modified 04 STi. No regrets.
  10. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Mayhem is spot on with his assessment.

    When I had the Fiesta Movement ST, I had my dad and one of his friends take the ST for a drive. Both are in their mid-60's, huge Mustang fans and far from the demographic interested in a FWD 4 cylinder hatchback. Both of them loved the Fiesta ST and I heard lots of laughs as the boost climbed and the trees became blurry. Both were shocked at the performance of the engine, both very impressed with the handling, and said it was the most fun they have ever had in a FWD car. I figure it takes a lot to really impress guys who are die hard V8 RWD fanatics.
  11. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    So that all being said whats the hold up? Buy the FiST...
  12. hollywood

    hollywood Member

    Just sold my Mustang today to make room for a FiST. Hopefully in Orange or Green. Still haven't driven the Fiesta yet though. Went to a Ford dealer in Charlotte last weekend and they wouldn't let me test drive without coming to a price agreement first.
  13. ISO100

    ISO100 Member

    Wow, that idiot dealer won't let you try one out before working on a price? Fools!

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  14. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

  15. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Makes me glad I bought mine in Gastonia. Pm me if you want to get some seat time. Hurry though, mine won't be stock for much longer :cool:
  16. Roger

    Roger New Member

    This is BS. You can't determine a price before you decide that you want to buy and most people want a test drive before they decide. I would talk to the sales manager. If the outcome is the same, I would go to another dealer. When I bought mine, it was they only ST ( fiesta or focus) on the lot and actually the only one on the lots in the entire Jacksonville area. It was parked inside the showroom. I told them that I wanted to test drive it and they got the keys and dealer tag, copied my license and pulled it out. Then off we went.
  17. hollywood

    hollywood Member

    Yeah, I have no problem going to another dealer. The one I went to is on Independence Blvd in Charlotte, so you can figure out which one it was...lol. I look kinda young even though I'm in my 30s, so maybe they thought I was just some punk kid that wanted to tool around in the FiST? The guy was like "This is a special edition, we can't just let anyone drive it". LOL. There was a Raptor and a GT500 in the same showroom. I can understand those cars being there. But let's face it, the FiST is a $20k car. Dealers will act like their cars are made of gold or something, but I digress.

    My last few cars I bought were from Florida, New Jersey, Charlotte, NC, and Texas. The Mustang I just sold was originally in Texas. Got an awesome deal on it on ebay from a Lexus dealer, and had it shipped. Now it's on its way to Germany via FL.
  18. hollywood

    hollywood Member

    Will do! I'm already picking out what type of exhaust I want.

    I also contacted a dealer in Shelby who said they sold their used FiST, however 2 weeks later it's still clearly on their website and the autotrader ad is still up. Fate is conspiring to prevent me from driving the car!
  19. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Ha! I was in Shelby over the weekend, drove right by that dealership. Didn't see the FiST, but they had a blue FoST out front.

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