"System off to save battery."

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by reddog99, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    In my 2014 ST for the last couple months (ironically, since the warranty expired), the entertainment system will shut itself off after about 10-15 seconds when I try to turn it on while the engine is off. That's when the "System off to save battery." message pops up. When I shut off the engine after a drive, the system will continue to play with no problem.

    I've checked the voltage when it does this and it shows 12.8 v. Also, the engine cranks just fine, so I'm inclined to think that the battery is still good.

    Does anyone know how to cure this? Since it would be out of my pocket, it wouldn't be worth it to me to pay a dealer for a small problem like this, but I'd like to fix it if I could.
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  3. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    I had this happen the only time I tried to operate the radio with the car off, just last week. The fix is to hit the START button without pushing in the clutch to which essentially puts the car in what would be ACCESSORY position if the car had a three position switch. Then turn on the radio, then hit the START button again to turn the car off. The radio will continue to play. I think it will go for an hour this way.
  4. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Thanks, Zormecteon, that works.
    It's puzzleing though. In the past, all I had to do was press the "Power" button.
  5. Implicate

    Implicate New Member

    Mine only plays for 10 minutes (maybe even only 5) after turning the car off of Accessory (or off after driving). I wonder if this is a setting somewhere? I'll have to dig into that. Nice to see that it can potentially go much longer.

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