Teaser video of Fiesta ST Cool-Flo air intake by FSWerks

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by FSWerksVP, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Active Member

    Here's a quick teaser video of our FSWerks Cool-Flo air intake kit. This is still a prototype, but we wanted to show you guys anyway. :cool:

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  3. Drumr90

    Drumr90 Member

    I love it.
  4. Stevelach

    Stevelach Active Member

  5. breon

    breon Member

  6. speedprotege

    speedprotege Member

    Man that sounds wild!
  7. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    I just came in my pants lol amazing sound
  8. graynicolas11

    graynicolas11 Active Member

  9. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    Any updates on performance gains, price or release date? I Would be interested in this. please make it a good price unlike the moutune air box that is to expensive.
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  10. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    Also a teaser vid of an exhaust would be pretty cool...
  11. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    Bump to the top for any new updates :)
  12. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Active Member

    After sema more info will be released.
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  13. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    I can't wait that long.... Lol okay thanks for the reply... Looking forward to it!
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  14. level42

    level42 Active Member

    How do we know if these will be warranty approved?
  15. fifoci

    fifoci New Member

    It's after sema. Can we have more info now?
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  16. WOW this sounds wild! Please post more information soon!
  17. wash

    wash Active Member

    Read up on warranty law, unless it causes a failure, changing parts does not void a warranty (Magnuson Moss?).

    You can also put back your stock equipment before you take it in to the dealership for a warranty claim.

    To get the most out of an intake like this, a tune would be required and that might leave some fingerprints on the ECU but if Ford starts using that as a basis to deny claims, they will get a lot of bad PR.

    I expect the STs will be handled a lot like Mustangs which get modified very very often. They also wouldn't put a failure prone engine in a sporty car, that's just begging for claims.
  18. fifoci

    fifoci New Member

    Wouldn't put a failure prone engine in a sporty car?????? Obviously you never owned a new 5.0. LOL!

    Ford doesn't really care. You could have and after market cup holder and they would blame it on a tranny failure. They will do whatever they can to avoid warranty work.
  19. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    'I remember the day after I tuned my 2011 Mustang GT ford came out a Bulletin to dealers warning them to look for signs of Engine mods and tuning and VOID all claims and let the customer fight it out with them (as a result of a few bad tunes and knock sensors turned off in said tunes) ... Just remember they have deeper pockets and more lawyers than most folks so if they fight it won't be pretty... Just sayin
  20. fifoci

    fifoci New Member

    All they have to do is hook up the computer and check out peak values and compare to stock. My buddy had a bone stock 2012 5.0 with axle back mufflers. He had #8 issues and it took him 2 months of fighting back and forth with ford before they put a motor in it.
    I had number 8 problems but I had full bolt ons. I got the short end....
  21. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    Let's get back on topic.... So when can I buy this intake and what performance gains did you guys get from it?
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