Tell me about your current car

Discussion in 'FSWERKS' started by FSWerksVP, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Active Member

    I'd like to know about your current car. Model year, engine, trans, mods...

    And if you feel like it, why you are stepping up to a Fiesta ST. Thanks!
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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    2013 Scion FRS Automatic only mods were Master Cyl brace Strano front sway bat and Nameless muffler delete (but kept resonator so not too loud if you drove nice) And a set of Dunlap DZll which I hope to shoe horn onto the ST 225/45/17
    It's not a step up as much as a sideways slide back to FWD and I want some low end TORQUE no matter what anyone says the FRS and its sister BRZ are GREAT driving cars and a hoot to drift in stock form but the are WOEFULLY lacking anything near gut wrenching torque below 4 or 4.5k and the Auto is even worse than the stick... I want to be able to leave the car in 2nd gear in a autoX and know I will have some pull coming out of a tight corner as well as I missed rowing the gears . The Paddles are fun and the revmatching works better than I could but I want TOTAL control not hear a beep when I go to downshift and my revs are too high.... Some people dislike the twins I like them for what they are and look forward to picking some off at the track :cool:;)
  4. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    2011 Ford Fiesta SES Hatchback, 1.6L NA, IB5 manual gearbox, modifications;
    3dCarbon body kit
    European spoiler
    Axis 17" Touring Cups
    FRPP handling pack
    FRPP short shifter
    FRPP catback exhaust
    Boesch Built intake
    Steeda lower torque mount
    Ford SAS black headlamps
    PumaSpeed 300mm brake adapters
    SVT Focus 300mm front brakes

    Why move to the ST? Because I am tired of buying a ton of parts to end up with a car that still can't perform the way I want it to. The ST comes out of the box with everything I would have hoped to accomplish with my 2011 Fiesta.
  5. Drumr90

    Drumr90 Member

    I got a 2006 focus ZX5. Its got a steeda intake, magnaflow exhaust, and sub in the hatch.

    Reason for fiesta st you ask? First off i want a manual now that i know how to use one. Second the car everything i want in a good daily driver. Third the focus st is more than i need so when i heard this was coming i got excided.
  6. Removed

    Removed Guest

    Two cars... Wife has a 2000 Focus ZX3, I drive a 2005 Honda Accord. I love the size of the Focus but not the (lack of) power. My Accord has 160hp but it's about as big as I want to go. The new Aacords are HUGE and the new Foci aren't much smaller. So, Fiesta was a no brainier. Plus it has 5 doors and a usable amount of cargo space, so should be fine as a daily driver/family car.
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  7. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    2011 Fiesta SES Manual 300a, eurospoiler,tint, Steeda short throw shifter. I was going to do some further mods until I heard that the FiST was coming. The FiST is the car I wanted when I bought the SES, but as we all know unavailable until now. :cool:
  8. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    2003 Ford Escort ZX2
    Progress progressive rate springs
    Esslinger Underdrive crank pulley
    '99 ZX2 S/R ECU (best for car)
    '00 ZX2 S/R Iceman intake
    TWM Short Shifter
    19mm rear sway bar
    17" Konig wheels
    '92 Mazda MX3 seats
    Rear disc brake swap
    Projector conversion
    Audio stuff

    It's getting to the point where it's showing it's age. Little things keep going wrong. I'm waiting until I graduate college and get a real job before I get my ST. But it fits me perfectly. I've been wanting a Fiesta for awhile and was going to keep my ZX2 as my fun car, but then the ST showed up and it fits both fun car and daily driver without having to do any major mods to it except the short throw shift kit.
  9. FiSTofFury

    FiSTofFury New Member

    2000 v6 stang commuter/airport parking vehicle, basically stock except some EBC brakes, because the stock ones suck.

    91ish turbo miata track rat way too many mods to even get into, borderline unstreetable.

    Wife has a 2011 WRX stock

    The fiesta ST, my commutes have been short but I just took a job that requires a further commute. I love driving fun lightweight cars with great handling, and I love power, if at some point I can make more power and crank faster lap times in the ST around the local roadcourse I'll move that to track rat status and get something else, but as it is the miata still cheaply crushes any and all comers. I looked at a lot of options, but it comes down to the mileage, great stereo for commuting, fitting the current needs and being able to get a great deal on the ST.
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  10. CarefreeAZ

    CarefreeAZ Active Member

    What he said...
  11. EvoNiner

    EvoNiner Active Member

    We seem to have a lot in common.

    I have A few cars, a 2006 EVO IX, a 91 miata, the fiesta st now, and a Mazda mx6 and ford Festiva.

    The mx6 and Festiva were my junker/work cars. But with that said I do find ford festivas as some of my all time favorite cars I have owned. With it being so light, with a fantastic 5 speed, fantastic engine and great pedals I have coached a lot of people the fundamentals of driving/racing techniques with it just because it's so simple and fun.

    But yeah, miata is a track/AutoX machine with to many mods to list. It's perhaps the cheapest, and best car to buy if anyone wants to know the fundamentals about car balance, car control and how to race smoothly. Aka the momentum machine.

    My EVO 9 is 100% stock besides the 255/40/17 hankok RS3's. I had every intention to mod the hell out of this, but before I did so I wanted to learn the car. Well I autoxed it for a couple seasons and one day everything clicked and I started winning the local events with it stock... So I decided it was fine how it was and I am planning on going to nationals next year with it in BStock class. Wish me luck.

    I got the ST because I wanted to get my self into another fantastic sporty FWD. I've always seemed to have the most fun in a hot hatch. It also completes my needs as a driver to hone my skills now that I have all three drive types. I'm thankful for this and always trying to teach as much as possible at local events, and it helps when I have each platform.

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  12. FiSTofFury

    FiSTofFury New Member

    Indeed, sounds like you've got some great experience and a good outlook.

    I've had track miatas for over a decade now, they are just so simple and durable, mine isn't a momentum car anymore, it's more about keeping the nose pointed the right direction and keeping in the boost. I've done autocross/scca roadracing/drifting and instructing since the local track opened at 2001. I was fully sponsored at one point years ago, but the team folded. I'm not as active as I was, but I I still get out every couple of months to run some hot laps around the track. I really get a kick out of instructing, I think in most things you don't really know something until you know how to teach that thing to someone else.
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  13. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    2011 VW GTI. I got it in 2011 to autocross with the local SCCA region and was pretty successful, placing decently at the National Championships in '12, firsts and seconds in area nationals; winning G-Stock in KC region and Midivs in '11 and '12. Then all of a sudden on 6/1/13 I spun a bearing. On 6/3/13 APR posted a news article with tests showing the GTI TSI loses oil pressure (<10 psi) under high lateral loads.....accusump is the only fix (besides VW now having oil pressure monitors attached to a revised oil pan for the '13 replacement motor. It doesn't fix the problem, only warns you about it). Huge engineering defect IMHO. No more love for VW.

    About that time R&T posted about the new Fiesta ST coming out with almost the same hp, 15 ft lb more torque and 300+ pounds lighter. With a new ecoboost engine, not a rehashed iron block from the early 2000s, and I was more than mildly interested. I will definitely autocross a new ST, averaging about 20 weekends a year at various local, divisional and national events. The SCCA classing is still up in the air. Will also have a hand at rallycross. I am very excited.

    I am waiting on any local dealer to get a blue ST with sunroof and without Recaros. The GTI will be sold and I am trading a 2007 F-150 with 60,000 miles on it. And my wife will be trading a 2010 Fusion for a new Focus SE at the same time, so we should get good customer service..........
  14. BLarson

    BLarson New Member

    2012 Ford Focus SE, sports pack, with a 5 speed.

    Tint 20% back 40% front
    Carbon fiber vinyl roof wrap
    ST rear spoiler
    Eibach sportline springs
    Adjustable rear control arms
    2 kicker comp 12"s and 1000w amp
    Hella yellow fog light bulbs
    Plastidipped wheels, hood, mirrors caps, and side stripes.
    If I can get a fiesta ST for about what I spent on my Focus, I'll have a faster car, with more performance oriented upgrades, more aftermarket options and similar mpg's.
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  15. SirSlaughter

    SirSlaughter Member

    2011 Ford Fiesta SES.
    I love this car. I mean I love this car so much. But, I play with guys on the road all the time. I know some of you may think I'm stupid but It's fun and I have a blast. The problem is that thre are the guys with cars with better support for the tuning scene or a larger engine and I know I can't compete. Now I would just say, I'll just get some parts for the car. You know, CAI, Exhaust system, Racing seats to reduce a little weight. But then it would cost as much as an ST (I got my fiesta used for 17000) after all is said and done. So I just said, screw it. I know I love this car so much but this will save me money in the long run, i will have a much better performing vehicle and if I ever get the urge to make it faster I have all the support on I could ever want.

    This means that it would also replace my car that I have dubbed "The Itasha Project" in shows. I haven't bought an ST just yet and I am still on the fence with this decision but I think I'm gonna go for it. I just wish that they had it in the Yellow color so I could pay homage to my real First car. If I do indeed buy a FiST I salute the little Fiesta that got me 10.3 seconds on the quarter mile and beat my fathers Herbie Tribute car. I salue the great little Fiesta that has gotten me 4 First place Domestic mild, 1 2nd place Best in show, and 1 Best Rims award! I love you little Fiesta. I hope that whoever gets you next loves you as much as I did.

    *sorry if this is technically a necropost.
  16. Noah

    Noah Member

    Dude that is sweet. How much horsepower did it end up having? Also that equalizer thing is pretty cool. That song was killer as well.
  17. confuzdbycloudz

    confuzdbycloudz New Member

    Got a mazda rx8 right now. Looking into getting a FiST. Love the mazda but hate the gas mileage and worrying about every new sound.
    This site has some great information, keep up the good work.
  18. Tim McCarthy

    Tim McCarthy Member

    Here's my current car, it's a 2009 Focus coupe. I do plan on getting a FiST but it won't be til spring 2015, most likely.

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  19. SirSlaughter

    SirSlaughter Member's still stock. I did no power mods for it at all. The reason is that I stopped and took a look at what my overall costs would be in the long run. Lets say I buy the CAI and I want the one from steeda: 250
    now I go with the Borla Exhaust system I want: around 700
    Next up would be the 3D carbon body kit: roughly around 1000
    Then a carbon fiber hood for less weight: around another 500-1000 (can't remember the actual cost I just know it was pricey)
    now the racing seats I would have gotten: 200-400
    Now let's add the original price of what I got it for: 17000 (only owe about 6K now)
    then we have tuning that recently was released for the fiesta, the suspension, sway bars, spark plug wires, engine cover, the wrap job I wanted done (around 3-4 thousand) and so much more stuff that was exploding in my brain. This car is going to cost me way more than a Fiesta ST. The great thing is that I can transfer my underglow to the new car along with my equalizer so people will still know who it is driving at night.

    I'm going to the dealer tomorrow with my dad to talk and see what kind of "value" they give me on my fiesta. If they low ball me I'm walking. But if they honestly give me something good that I can manage payments with just fine I'm gonna try and get one built for me.

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