The COBB Fiesta ST R&D Master Thread

Discussion in 'COBB Tuning' started by COBB, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. ghostwhite

    ghostwhite Active Member

    I brought this up in another forum and cobb confirmed it is a typo and nothing wrong with the map

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  3. mossdahaus

    mossdahaus Member

    I have tried loading the "map notes" throughout the day and it has not been updated. Braden or Ian, do you guys care to share what has been changed?

    Ian stated in his build thread that Braden coaxed some more power out of the car for gears 1-3. How so? Anything else?
  4. badmoonkid24

    badmoonkid24 Member

    uploadfromtaptalk1396319261968.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1396319298341.jpg

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  5. TWDM

    TWDM Member

    Just flashed the new 91 tune today. Can't exactly put my finger on it, but the lower gears feel so much better. Maybe it's placebo...
  6. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    From the limited test I was able to do after the flash, power delivery seemed more smooth and *maybe* a little more power (via butt dyno)
  7. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I think the 93 map feels better too. The butt dyno is pretty accurate after all.
  8. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Same here. I reflashed last night and drove to work and back today. Car felt a bit faster. 93 map is real nice.
  9. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Would love to hear from Pelotonracer since we both felt 91map was better than the old 93...Big P where are you? :)

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  10. spangenb

    spangenb Active Member

    I still get bogus max boost readings with the new firmware and new 93 tune :-/ Not the end of the world, but I do like to see what the boost is peaking at.
  11. TWDM

    TWDM Member

    I think a big difference in the new tune is the smoother transition between first and 2nd gear in terms of power delivery and pedal response. Way less choppy than the old tune.
  12. TheTruthHurts78

    TheTruthHurts78 New Member

    So.....this may have already been answered but further clarification would be appreciated.

    I downloaded the newest update. The version listed on my access port reads the current update version, however, when I go to flash my ST the maps on the access port still read v100 vice v101. Is this normal? I re-flashed, but was curious if the version will always read v100 until it transitions to say....v200? Is the latest firmware all I need, thus bringing the v100 installed up to v101 but will continue to display v100 on the port itself?

  13. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    You will need to grab the maps from the COBB website then add them to your handheld AP then Flash the new map to the car :)
  14. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    Yup, the maps are downloaded individually off the COBB website.

    If you plug your accessport into your comp and just hit the "check for updates" icon, thats just the firmware for the unit and not the tunes.
  15. TheTruthHurts78

    TheTruthHurts78 New Member

    You guys are awesome, thanks for humoring me....:thumbsup:!
  16. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Like the movie "Pay it Forward"
    We are all new once or twice at this only bad question is the unasked one or the smartazz one LOL
  17. frismanis

    frismanis Member

    My old boss used to say "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." I never knew quite how to take that... :confused:
  18. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Is this your young boss that is no longer current?
    Or your current boss that is no longer young?

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  19. wash

    wash Active Member

    He was pretty dumb, because there are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions...
  20. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    As Firmware is updated, will this effect Maps or Custom Maps provided by Cobb?

    I have heard of other Cobb tuners that have had this problem.

  21. COBB

    COBB Active Member

    This depends on the nature of the update. If the vehicle base rom remains the same then new features are added by resaving the map in tuner software. If the base is updated them old maps become incompatible and new maps are required.

    Is that what you were asking?

    -Braden @ COBB
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