The Fiesta ST Wheel & Tire Fitment Thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Wheel and Tire Upgrades' started by BlackBird, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    I thought it'd be a good idea to start one of these, as they've worked well as information resources for people before in other communities. The idea is simple: post pictures of your wheel/tire setup, as well as the relevant information. Keep it to four or five or six photos per post max to keep page load times down. Do not just post photos of your setup--be sure to include the details:

    Wheel: (Brand and Model)
    Size (Diameter & Width):
    Tire & Tire Size
    Suspension Setup: (Are you stock? Lowered on springs/coils?)
    Alignment info:
    Other Fitment Details: (Do they rub? Did you need fender work? How much brake/strut clearance do you have? Are you using spacers? Adapters? Etc.)
    Comments & Remarks: (How do you like them? How's the ride?)

    Please keep posts on-topic. This isn't a thread to ask if X wheel with Y tires will rub. Specific questions about someone's setup are permitted (as is giving them props!). Hopefully this can become a resource for people wondering what given wheels will look like/how they will fit on the Fiesta ST so as to provide some help to our members and community.
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  3. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    Wheel: Sean Hyland Motorsports Evo
    Size: 17x7
    Offset: et42
    Tire & Tire Size:OEM
    Suspension Setup:OEM
    Alignment info: OEM
    Other Fitment Details: Needs moar lowz.

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  4. kamakazee

    kamakazee Active Member

    Wheel: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Bronze
    Size 18X8
    Offset: 42et
    Tire & Tire Size
    : Continental DW 215/40-18
    Suspension Setup: ST-XTA coilovers
    Alignment info: OEM as far as I know
    Other Fitment Details: Tires will rub against inner fender liners and front bumper tabs if suspension is lowered more then .5-.75 inch from stock height.
    Comments & Remarks: Ride quality is a big improvement over stock. Most of that is attributed to the coilovers improved damping abilities.

    fiestast15.jpg prorace5.jpg
  5. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Wheel: Rota Slipstreams
    Size 16x7
    Offset: 40et
    Tire & Tire Size
    : Dunlop Direzza Zii Star Spec 225/45/16
    Suspension Setup: Stock Springs and struts/shocks, Eibach F/R Sway Bars
    Alignment info: OEM
    Comments & Remarks: No rubbing from lock to lock, and no rubbing on hard turns. Ride quality is slightly smoother than stock wheels hence the taller sidewall.


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