The Ingot Silver Fiesta ST picture thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by WRC Fan, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. covert1

    covert1 New Member

    The tires I chose, were: 205/45R-17 Kumho Ecsta PA31

    I live in Maryland, and as a Michigan transplant, I believe true snow tires just aren't necessary around here. Instead, I went for some All-Seasons, since I could run them for as long as I needed. Also, I have the option of swapping these wheels onto my Focus ZTW in the summer while returning to my stock FiST wheels.
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  3. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    I wanted a light colored FiST, white was my first choice, but instead I got Ingot Silver after seeing it in person. The SUV look has to go though... lol
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  4. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    When will your car be here? Be sure to post pictures with your new wheels! :)
  5. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

  6. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Meagan said by the 31st. I got a call this weekend from the Salesman who said between the 27th and 29th. He said I would have it THIS year. It's gonna work out really well because my son and daughter will be in town to help me pick it up. I live in Southwest Washington, and the car is coming to Portland Oregon, about 60 miles away.
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  7. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Enjoy! I've had mine since 11/25/13 and have already driven the ST 1200 miles. :)
  8. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    I kind of regret not getting the very first silver I test drove without recaros. The damn orange seats on my tux were calling me but if i could choose again i would go silver. Black is for people who like to wash and wax their car oncr a week...i dont ugh.

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  9. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Heh. I would have gone for a Tuxedo Black FiST if... I had a garage. Black still looks freakishly amazing when it is clean. It just doesn't stay that way for long. No matter what color my car is, I'm always out there rubbing the clear coat off with a microfiber cloth and Maguire's Quick Detailer. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm anal retentive (or OCD). lol :p
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  10. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    But at least silver always looks clean even when its not of tje reasons i loved my silver TL. Ive gone weeks without a wash and still would get compliments on how nice it looked.

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  11. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Well, most of the time any ways. These wheels look like rubbish when they get a lot of brake dust on them.
  12. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Lol no kiddin! Thats why i bought black sparcos.

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  13. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Yeah, hopefully they are painted gloss and not matte black (I can't really tell from the pic you posted). Matte black looks almost just as bad with brake dust on them.
  14. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Dont think these come in matte but gonna check cause i want gloss not matte.

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  15. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    Brake dust is matte black, so how do they look bad? I have matte black wheels and I can't tell when they are coated with brake dust. That's the reason I went with matte black on one set and I Plastidipped the other set (Plastidip is also matte).
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  16. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    With brake dust, my Konig Deceptions looked grey-ish brown. It looks bad, I can assure you. :p
  17. Mikeygti

    Mikeygti Active Member

    Come to think of it I haven't noticed any brake dust on my matte black winter wheels :)
  18. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Got my car yesterday.. put the Motegis on this morning... IngotSilver.jpg
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  19. meFiSTo

    meFiSTo Active Member

    Are those your winter wheels? I have some black Motegi MR118s in 17x7 on my S4 wagon for winter. Are those "Matte Grey" that you have there (Tirerack only shows the gray and black versions). Those look good.
  20. JP6

    JP6 Member

    Those look great!
  21. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport A3s. .. All season.. Everything I've read says that they outperform most Summer Only tires in the Summer, but they're all season tires, even good in light snow. The wheels are Motegi 125 in Matte Gray. I'm kinda going for the monochrome look... I was considering having the calipers painted red, but I'm thinking now that they look good in the silver to match everything else.

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