These puppies are hard to find

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by mamiata1, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. I agree 100% they are hard to find. Especially in smaller towns. I posted in another thread how a number of dealers in my area don't even have an order in the plans as of now. And one sold the only one they are getting for a while to an employee. I can't fathom them selling by customer order "only" as someone mentioned. They would sell so few that way compared to having them on the lot.

    Curious OP, what dealer in Ohio has the blue with no options? That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Did you get a price? By the way, anyone looking for a no option black model, here is one at a nice price: I don't know if it's BS or not. I called and they said the $18,700 online price was correct. I don't think anyone on here has purchased one that low. All of their prices for Fiestas seem low so I'm thinking something is up. I surely can't order one under $20k from nearby dealers. Let alone $18,700. Nor could I get any dealers to match their base "S" model $12,544 price.

    Anyway, hoping more ST's hit the lots as time goes by. Not looking good so far. Good luck OP and to everyone else.
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  3. csaites

    csaites New Member

    Love the fine print on that price.
    Internet price includes all available rebates & incentives for each Ford model, such as, trade-in allowance and Ranger Loyalty. Prices also include College Grad Rebate or Military Rebate ($500) cannot be combined.​

    I did get a follow up call from my dealer in Watsonville, Ca they just got their 3rd Black St in
  4. Yea didn't read the fine print like I said in the other thread on pricing. An additional $795 for delivery. I doubt you could combine secret cash after rereading the print. Still a sub $20k base Fiesta ST would be nice. I doubt that's possible at this dealer. They seem pretty sneaky with their fine print.
  5. What is the best price they are offering and what options?

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