Tire puncture... low pressure tire warning system works!

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by Applejack, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    So, I have had my first tire puncture with the FiST. Looks like it was a nail / screw that caused it. Was a mile or so from home when the dash light came on. Made it home, opened my door, and heard the hissing. With 3300 miles on this car, I think it is cursed.

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  3. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Don't get too giddy over the success of the warning, it doesn't always work as intended. When I first bought my 2011 Fiesta, I drove around for three days (unknowingly) running eight pounds low in all four tires before the warning turned itself on. The dealer apparently had a bad pressure gauge, because even the spare tire was eight pounds low.

    I suppose you could say that the system can be a life-saver, when it works, but this incident taught me to not rely on the system exclusively...
  4. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    I don't rely on it. It is supplementary to my ears and eyeballs.
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  5. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    TPMS is awesome. Eyeballs cannot "see" when your tires are 3 psi low like they were when I was driving home from disco tire and the low pressure warning lamp came on. They inflated my tires to 32 psi because they thought my Fiesta was a Focus. The 2011 Fiesta with 16" wheels needs 35 psi.

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