Tomorrow's the day- Fiesta ST test drive! (UPDATED with driving impressions!)

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by fiestasthopeful, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Since I don't need to be to work 'till 3pm.... tomorrow I'm FINALLY taking a Fiesta ST test drive!

    I have been waiting for this car since I saw the concept years (?) ago.

    A dealer 60 miles from me has a loaded Fiesta ST-- every option. I personally dont (think I'll) like the color combo, but I can at least get a feel for how the Recaros/driving position/etc fit me. I plan on taking lots of pictures of things like the cargo area, arm rests, center console and other nooks and crannies I haven't seen a bunch of pics from. Also, some MFT impressions.

    So excited.
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  3. FiSTofFury

    FiSTofFury New Member

    Awesome! Have fun! One thing I've noticed is the car seems to be picking up more power as I put the miles on it. Not sure what fuel was in it when I did the test drive or what they put in it during delivery so that may have made a difference.

    Also I think even with ESC turned off the "vectoring" that it does with the front brakes to reduce the torque steer is what keeps the 0-60 time from being better than they are. Seems like until that can be tuned a bit more it will be a car that's stronger on the freeway than the stoplight drags.
  4. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    I finally went for a test drive on the weekend. A dealer not too far had just want I wanted. Too bad I've already put an order in with another dealer. And I don't really like the dealer that has the car anyway. They actually had 2. But it was nice to actually drive the car. I could not get a real feel for it though as it was pouring rain. From what did get to do... I know Im happy I have one on the way. :)

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  5. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    have fun on the test drive!
  6. [​IMG]
    All I have to say is-- WOW.

    First off, I was a moron, and forgot pics cause I was so excited. The car I drove was Black with orange (!) recaro interior. Actually looked pretty good, almost had a Porsche GT3 vibe to it with the color combo (lol).

    OK. I'll just cover from top to bottom.

    1.) Engine- Simply awesome. Sounds from this thing make my GTI sound like a muffled lawnmower. Intake noises, a load throaty roar under acceleration- this thing sounds MEAN. I was addicted. The engine itself is a dream- from my butt sensor, it felt just as fast if not faster than my GTI. if anything, it felt faster because the TORQUE on this thing is basically available from 1K RPM.
    Power band is broad, with only a bit of tapering-off towards the rev limiter. This thing has NO problem getting to highway speeds, passing at highway speeds, or gunning it out of a sharp corner. What a fierce little engine. Sure the mags say 0-60 in 6.9, but this thing just feels very very quick.

    2.) Clutch/brakes/etc- Clutch was nicely weighted. Gears catch on pretty high up, but it's easily learnable. The gear throws are long and light. Too light for my taste. A short shift kit is needed, but Mountune already has one. The actual engagement of the shifter felt nice and notchy. Brakes were perfectly fine during street use- I have no idea how they'll hold up on a track. I took an off-ramp way too fast, and the car did a great job staying composed as I firmly pressed the brakes. Lovely. The gas pedal is responsive- much more responsive than my GTI's by-wire gas pedal, which has a noticeable delay in 1st/ 2nd gear. Wasn't able to tell how much rev-hang (if any) is present. Perfect pedal placement for heel-toe (more like side of foot-toe) rev matching while downshifting.

    3.) Suspension- Drove over some REALLY junky Connecticut roads, and the suspension soaked things up fine. Could NOT detect much body roll at all. This thing feels TIGHT and connected as glue. i really do mean it, people praise the GTI for a balanced suspension--well maybe it is more comfy than the ST's but it sure isn't as communicative. Highway cruising is FINE- I do a lot of commuting and I can see the ST being admirable in this (there wasn't much droning at all from the exhaust at 65-75 mph).

    4.) The Seats- Here we go- my number 1 concern about the Fiesta ST going into my test. let me say this- I am 6'2" tall, 36 " waist,210 lbs- I fit PERFECTLY in these Recaros. They were tight, of course, but not in a bad way! They felt like they were molded to my body! I LOVED sitting in these seats. Absolutely loved it. One of the most exciting things about this car is the way the Recaros make you feel. I cant say enough good things about them. Seat heaters work well as well.

    5.)The driving position- another fear of mine------ was FINE as well! I wasn't all the way back in the seats, which surprised me. Maybe I have really long arms or something- but both arm rests worked perfectly. The left arm rest was NOT too short, and the right / center console arm rest actually worked for me! I can see if you have shorter arms you might be bumping this thing with your elbows- but rest assured, tall guys, you WILL fit in this car! Some disappointments are that the center arm rest is hard, ugly plastic. I would ideally replace this with a soft arm-rest top, if it ever becomes available. Also, Left over-the-shoulder visibility seemed poor. maybe it was the B-pillar right near the side of my heard, but I was not confident looking over my left shoulder. Thankfully the left mirror has a nice blind-spot convex portion which helps.

    6.) Rest of the interior- Most of the materials in the car felt great. There were a few chinzy plastic bits, I especially noticed the cheap feeling window buttons. As mentioned the center arm rest is a big plastic brick that needs to be replaced. The plastic handbrake wasn't terrible, but I would replace that eventually as well. There is no sunglasses holder in the moonroof version (in case you cared). The glove compartment is small. The cup holders work FINE for me- even with the springs. The steering wheel felt AWESOME- nicely thick, a little squishy, the buttons were firm and well-located. The actual shape of the shifter fit my hand nicely. The lack of a dead pedal really bothered me- I can see the carpet wearing away quickly, so I would want to explore aftermarket options.

    7.) MFT- this car had the newest version. it was fast. Page swaps were fast. Voice control was medium speed when asking for things like, "I'm hungry" (and then a list of restaurants come up). Touching the MFT was not a huge reach, it was pretty comfortable. My biggest complaint is actually with ZOOMING the map--there is no knob for this, you must press a small zoom button that is VERY distracting- moral of the drive: set your nav system up before you are rolling. The Sound System was equal to my GTI. The Nav screen itself was good- there is a 3d isometric view which I always choose if I can. There were a LOT of audio and other options, so I would need to sit down with this thing for a long time. but yes, MFT was actually fast and responsive--kudos.

    8.) Storage room/Rear seats: These were a disaster. let me say- the rear loading floor is one of the WORST executions of car design I've ever seen. In it's "normal" position, with the rear seats up, there is hardly ANY room in the back trunk-- even for grocery bags! When you fold the seats down, (they dont fold flat and you need to position the headrests down first), there is a BIG ASS GAP between the rear loading floor and the back seats! I can easily see things falling into the abyss there. If you try and LOWER the rear loading floor, the full-size spare gets in the way. I know this is a small car, but the storage space and the rear floor are the biggest disappointments by far. My GTI beats this thing hand-over foot, which it should since it is a DIFFERENT CAR CLASS. however, I still would like to be able to do the occasional Ikea run, or fill the ST up with a bike or maybe 4 wheels. I dont know if it'll be able to do this! I really REALLY hope we can see some way to remove the damn plastic loading floor pegs, lower the whole loading floor down....I guess this will require removing the spare....

    9.) tires- summer tires standard. Will have to buy some winter ones I suppose. That will suck.

    overall the car blew me away. i'll gladly trade the terrible storage space for everything else about the car. it almost felt like a motorcycle-the way I was so connected with it. This car met all of my expectations, and I am glad my wait since 2011 was well worth it. i fully intend on trading in my GTI tomorrow, and having them ship over a white/smoke storm car to the dealer.
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  7. Mikeygti

    Mikeygti Active Member

    Thanks for the review. I just sold my GTI in advance of receiving a FiST, and am not expecting the same level of materials fit/ finish. Also ergonomics. Not to say I don't have high expectations in other areas for the Ford ie performance ;-)
  8. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    so happy to hear your reaction to the car. I feel great seeing so many new ST drivers posting the same thing that I thought upon my first drive back in April. It really shows that the sport compact enthusiasts all have the same tastes when it comes to the car. As for the brakes holding up on the track, they are outstanding! You won't be dissapointed with the brakes when they are pushed very hard. It is good the ST comes with summer tires since I only need to buy winter tires compared to my 2011 Fiesta that needed summer and winter tires. I only drove the all season tires 3 miles between the dealership and my house. As the saying goes, all season tires suck in all seasons!

    (yes, the rear floor thingie is absurd. Clearly the engineer was asleep on that one. Look for a rally team gutting a 2011-13 interior and buy the rear carpet section from them.)
  9. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    Just FYI, the load floor can go in the lower position with the plastic pegs in place. I tried on my test drive and couldn't figure out how to get it in there but apparently it's a bit of a pain. I guess it sits just above or on top of the spare in the lower position. It does seem to be more designed to fit in the upper position and honestly I don't really see that as a problem myself...

    As far as storage space goes, it's a small hatch (and smallest Ford) as me and several others mentioned in your other thread. If you came in at any point expecting lots of storage space you were fooling yourself. To me the hatch has plenty of room for groceries/luggage. It's not as big as the trunk in my ZX2 coupe, but the Fiesta sedan has a larger trunk as well so that's pretty much the norm. It's a hatch, not a station wagon. :p You could most likely have no problems comfortably going on a road trip with one passenger and luggage for you and the passenger. If you want to fit more than that you better know the people pretty well. I don't see why you've have any issues fitting another set of wheels in the car. It's not a Miata.

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