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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by level42, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Just passed another black st on the 401.. Looks sharp
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  3. Pijun

    Pijun New Member

    Have yet to see one on road.
  4. Pijun

    Pijun New Member

    At dealer sitting waiting while they swap my tires. Was gonna do it myself but somehow the forecasted rain became a whiteout.
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  5. level42

    level42 Active Member

    Good luck, drive safe!
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  6. graynicolas11

    graynicolas11 Active Member

    Could have possibly been me? I'm working down in North York for the past few weeks working nights so I take the 401 there and back
  7. Pijun

    Pijun New Member

    Last Friday saw my first FiST on road. It was a red or orange one in Streetsville. He didn't notice mine. Mine is white with 15" hubcaps so it doesn't look like a FiST. But up to now the only one I've seen in the wild.

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