Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Jeramiah, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Sweet good for you and look forwaqrd to more info..
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  3. rcl4668

    rcl4668 Active Member

    Sorry for the accident but glad you're making lemonade out of lemons. Speaking of Lemons/Chump Car, it's too bad that the car won't make the $500 value cutoff. Would love to see how the Fiesta platform holds up in a 24 hour race. Keep us posted, especially if you do any race modifications like a full cage, harnesses etc.
  4. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    Well he still could do a endurance race with the car, something like the 25 hours at thunderhill if you want to install a compliant cage and fire suppression system... which would be awesome
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  5. rcl4668

    rcl4668 Active Member

    Agree. I was supposed to race at this past December's 25 Hours of T-hill but things fell through at the last moment. From what I could see, there was a lot of other less-worthy hardware at the race that did reasonably well. Based on how well the Fiesta B-Spec platform is doing in rallying and in SCCA racing, I would wager it would be a good platform for endurance racing: lightweight, relatively simple, cheaper parts, etc. My only question would be the robustness of the turbocharged Ecotec engine and whether the electronic torque vectoring system would cause problems with pad/rotor wear over a 24-hour race (or whether it would be ok under sanctioning rules to install a real differential like the one Mountune offers).
  6. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    Time for an update I suppose. After looking it over it was just too nice to use for a racecar so I've been working on it a bit here and there.

    I've gotten most of the teardown completed. The Fiesta is pretty enjoyable to work on; a very simple design. The only thing I'm finding is that every nut and bolt is extremely tight, I guess that's one way to keep the rattles away.

    Decided to go stage 3 with it. The intercooler needed to be replaced anyways so I ordered one from Levels Performance. I figured since I already bought that I may as well get a 2j catless downpipe and the cobb accessport while I'm at it. Since I have to replace the foglight I and got the luxeon ones. Lastly a Pierce Motorsport 4pt chassis brace for peace of mind knowing the frame is stiffer than it was before the accident.

    I've bought all of the parts outside of the hood, bumper cover, foglight housing, a/c accumulator, steering wheel airbag and clockspring. If anyone has those bits please let me know. Thinking about going with a Titanium bumper cover rather than the ST if I'm unable to find one.

    Getting really excited to get it back on the road. I'm well under budget at this point and I haven't come across any major roadblocks or surprises.

    For anyone interested I'll copy and paste some bits from the file I'm using to keep track of everything. Also added some pics showing the progress (don't mind my cluttered shop)

    2015 Fiesta St Rebuild

    Start Date: 2/13/15
    Est. Completeion: 4/30/15

    Starting Cost: $3400
    Est. Total Cost: $8000
    Est. Upgrades Cost $2000
    Est. Grand Total: $10000

    Safety System
    Steering Wheel Bag
    Knee Bag Anthony
    Passenger Curtain Bag
    SRS Computer Reprogram
    Wire Repair
    Driver's Seat Belt Tensioner

    Passenger Lower Control Arm

    Passenger Fender
    Bumper Cover
    Passenger Headlight
    Passenger Foglight
    Passenger Foglight Housing
    Paint (Fender bumper door)

    Frame straightening
    Bumper crash bar straightening
    A/c accumulator
    A/c recharge

    Cobb RMM
    4pt Chassis Brace Pierce Motorsport
    Cobb Accessport v3
    Mountune Lowering Springs
    Catless Downpipe 2j Racing
    Resonator Delete
    Led foglights luxeon
    Intercooler Levels Performance

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  7. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    I totaled mine yesterday (airbags deployed) and my damage looks very similar to yours. But probably a little bit worse. I actually clipped my frame rail.

    Funny thing though, the guy's bumper that I hit was barely damaged.


    Other guy

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  8. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Well That Blows Ice Hockey Pucks !!!
  9. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    That sucks...
  10. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    Sorry to hear. I can't quite make out the license plates but are you in Michigan too? I'm from grand rapids.

    Buying it back from insurance was an extremely good decision in my case. If you decide to go that route and are local I'd be more than happy to give you some pointers. It was nice knowing my local body shop could do anything I goy hung up on. Fortunately I haven't hit any snags along the way.

    Update on my car: fmic, catless downpipe, chassis brace, airbags, airbag ecu, seatbelt, control arm, fender and bumper cover are on. Waiting on air conditioning parts and an axle from ford then it'll go to paint. I've got a trackday in a few weeks and I'm hoping to take it out for a few sessions :happy:
  11. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    Woah, crazy. I'm in Zeeland, the car is actually in Hudsonville at a body shop waiting for Monday for the insurance adjusters. I was headed to Grand Rapids when I got in the wreck (was on I196). I'll let you know what the insurance company says the buy back price is...

    I honestly don't plan on rebuilding, I hit my frame rail, it looks like you didn't, but I think my suspension is not tweaked at all (except maybe if the frame rail moved some suspension components). Engine was running after it crashed, but the IC was completely destroyed, I didn't see any radiator leaks though.

    Also I guess this explains why I never see any FIesta STs in the grand rapids area. They're all totaled!
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  12. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    Haha yeah I saw the harley sign and thought that looked a lot like i196 east at the hudsonville exit.

    Top frame rail was like $300 and 4 hours labor, bottom was a bit more and closer to 10hrs since they have to pull the engine.

    It'll likely be close to totaled. It's up to you to fight for it either way with the adjuster. State farm was great to me. Be sure to let me know about a buyback price, I might be able to give you a bit more cash than they'll want anf put some money back in your pocket (just don't let my wife know lol)
    Good luck with everything!
  13. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    I'll let you know as soon as I hear. I have auto owners and I've had good experiences with them in the past. I just hope they total it, I don't want to have to fight for the extra money from insurance for the lost value caused by damage repair being on the history.

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  14. RoadKill

    RoadKill New Member

    Sorry to hear. My favorite color too. Speaking of totaled ST's one came up at a local auction here near me in Brooklyn with front end damage.
  15. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    PM me your e-mail address, I can send you the repair quote I received from the shop and detailed pics of the damage, part costs were about $9300. My adjuster said they might run the car for sticker value, so it may be close weather it gets totaled or not.

    Adjuster is looking at it today, so I should know something soon.
  16. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    Lol, buyback was $9,500. I told them nobody will be interested at that price

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  17. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    Took her for a maiden voyage today. Running the cobb ots 91 stage 3 tune. Even though I daily a 400whp car it was plenty powerful enough to put a smile on my face. I've still got a few odds and ends and a hood to buy, but after a bunch of work it was rewarding to finally go for a cruise.

    Almost there!

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  18. very nice! now finish it up, paint and give a good wash. :)
  19. Carlos V.

    Carlos V. New Member

    I would've taken the money and buy a new one, not worth the headaches, but that's jus tme.
  20. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    A little bit of a challenge but no headaches. It wasn't about the money, I've got plenty. I'm just a car enthusiast that enjoys working on cars, and I've got lots of free time to fill.

    My paint guy can't get me in for another month :-( At least that'll give me time to get the car inspected and get the rebuilt title. I've been bad and sneaking a few drives in here and there :)

    Do the mountune lowering springs normally sit a bit high in the front? I was hoping they'd settle more than they have.
  21. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah Member

    A few other projects took priority but I finally got her back on the road. I'm out of the country for a while but when I return I'll get an alignment, put the ford badge back on and drive the snot out of it. Wife has been driving it to work and really enjoys it.

    Went over the budget a bit due to odds and ends but I'm still under $11k. Factor in the upgrades and the fact that I got to attend octane academy and it'd be hard to beat the fun per dollar :)

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