Transmission issues and a POS Ford dealer

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Pinion, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Pinion

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    Round 1

    My car has just over 30k miles, I drive about 70 miles highway each way to my office. I stopped at the grocery store 2 weeks ago on the way home and when I came back out and went to drive off I immediately noticed a very audible gear whine that was never there before. The next morning I went to drive to work and when starting the car I heard a loud sound similar to something spinning at high speed and being loose/wobbling accompanied by the sound of bearings rattling in a can that only goes away when depressing the clutch. Having had an SVT focus that had a TSB done for a bad flywheel,throw out bearing and clutch I immediately recognized the sound. So I called the local Ford dealer here in Hagerstown, MD told them the issue and took the car in a few days later. After 2 days of them having my car and no update from them I contacted them to see what the status of my cars repair was. I was told they "think they fixed the issue and to come in and drive it" I show up and take the tech on a drive with me, the car is still presenting the audible whining of the transmission as it had for a week now. I was told by the tech that is normal i informed him other wise that a car doesn't just not make a noise one moment then sound like a set of 4:10 gears screaming the next start up unless something has changed or went south. Also the throw out bearing was still shake rattle and rolling, I asked him exactly what did you do to my car for 2 days you had it as you have addressed none of the issues. He told me he and others were out driving around in my car but couldn't determine what the issue was so he went and replaced a carrier bearing and called it a day ( nice guy and honest at least). I went in and promptly rescheduled my car to have it back in to get it fixed properly this time as it has now cost me a rental car for 2 days and a days vacation at this point. They sent me back to my car with the foreman of the auto shop to listen to my car and he says yea sounds like a throw out bearing to me bring it back and we will fix it. (PS never had a car in under warranty for issues that I did not get a loaner of some sorts, yet i was told they do not provide them to anyone yet 6 months ago I took the car in for electrical issues and they gave me one after I questioned why i was not getting one)....

    Round 2

    The following Thursday I took my car back at 8am as planned and was once again refused a rental, go across the street to enterprise they will give you a discount if you tell them we sent you over I am told for the 2nd time. Friday evening I call to check on my car again as I had received no updates or time frame for repair if they had found the issue. I am told by the service rep that his shop foreman nor the transmission specialist can find any issue with my car and to come pick it up. So i question as to why they have not found the issue when the foreman not 5 days ago was in agreed that there was an issue with the throw out bearing. So Noel ( my wonderful service rep) puts the foreman on the phone and he says they are unable to determine the issue with the evidence they have gathered and that its documented and if something presents itself down the line they have all the info. I'm sorry but that equates to if your transmission implodes bring it back and we can fix it then, I'm a father of 3 and 2 of them are 7 month old twin little girls. I will not be told hey run it till something big happens to your power train that can cause you to lose control and wreck when im responsible for others lives. At this point my bloods boiling 4 days of rental car fees and 2 days of vacation used for nothing to be resolved. I questioned him about the issues explained it to him again and still nothing, I say to him ok ill take it to the ford dealer near my old house over 2 hours away in Annapolis, MD to have it looked at as this is not acceptable and he tells me "that's your opinion, and your entitled to go get a 2nd one" and ends the phone call. Saturday morning i go to pick up my car and its probably a good thing i did not have to see or deal with either the shop foreman or the service guy or they might of had to escort me out with multiple people.

    So long story short avoid this dealer and I am going to have heads on a platter soon. This officially ends my dealings with this dealer and possibly Ford at this point as it seems all 4 vehicles I have bought from them in the last 18 some odd years has been less than quality in its build and reliability.
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  3. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Member

    When told "they all sound like that", I've often wondered if they wouldn't mind walking over to the sales side of the house, getting in a brand new unit and listening for the noise "they all make". What do they say when the new car you're driving in doesn't sound like that?
  4. Pinion

    Pinion New Member

    they dont have any ST fiestas around, the guy blatantly told me they dont get many of them in so he has no base for judging. my towns pretty small and for the amount i do drive yearly i can say i have only seen 4 other FiST's in almost 2 years of ownership and they have been all about 70+ miles away from my area when i saw them in pennsylvania and eastern MD so i would imagine this guy at best has maybe seen one other if any at the dealer as they all oogle the car when it comes in. and as apparent love to take it out for drives by the miles and gas they burn when i take it in.
  5. vixenlotus

    vixenlotus Member

    I had a similar experience at Herb Chambers ford in MA with myST. The car had a bad slave cylinder and they kept telling me it was normal for the clutch petal to take 5 seconds to pop up when depressed. After it blew leaked all over the place and got me stuck at work the car now needed to be towed. Dealer told me I was responsible for the towing (on a new car?). They had to take out the gear box to fix it and the car has never been the same. Clutch pedal releases way high up and in the process of fixing the car they scrapped all the paint down to bear metal on inner engine compartment. they also rounded off most of the bolts as well as stripped all the plastic fasteners on inner fender.
    I will never buy a ford again.
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  6. smatty

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    This is a weird story. Fist isn't really a family car. It sounds like you have made some poor life choices and are trying to place the blame on someone else. I don't want to make too many presumptions about you but, 18 years of getting "f*cked by ford" seems like 17 too many for a normal person.
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  7. D1zturbe3d

    D1zturbe3d New Member

    Curious to know if the issue was ever resolved for OP?

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