Two squeaks and rattles, help!

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Maintenance' started by 3NCOR, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. 3NCOR

    3NCOR New Member

    Hey guys,

    Going insane here :happy:

    1. The instrument cluster, at any speed or degree of vibration squeaks like a hundred mice. Dealership quickly identified the issue, took the cluster apart (the faux chrome) and applied some kind of glue. The issue was not resolved, in fact it's worse than ever. I would sooner get rid of the car (the thought kills me) it is driving me insane. :dead:

    2. Audible, consistent rattle comes from the sunroof area. Can't for the life of me figure out where it's coming from. It might be from the tray. Not your average general rattle, something's going on up there...

    I searched about a dozen threads across Google and the issue is that we all have our way of describing an issue and it's hard to match similar issues.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. LotusZX3

    LotusZX3 Member

    I'm going insane with my driver side mirror rattling at the moment. It's a bit annoying when using it for viewing too but I haven't had time to try and fix it yet. Damn rattlesnakes are everywhere.
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  4. TapTapPull

    TapTapPull Active Member

    Haven't had major rattles anywhere (knock on wood), but I do have a squeak beside my head in the pillar, and another down near the lower front passenger door speaker.

    If the dealer offered to fix the rattle in the instrument cluster, and failed to first try, why not take it back and have them take another look?

    Good luck!
  5. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    Bring it back to the dealer, they should have a kit in parts that contains all sorts of self adhesive felt pads etc that are solely for this purpose.

    Maybe you just had the wrong guy working on it.

  6. 3NCOR

    3NCOR New Member

    Hey guys, an update!

    After 3 attempts with the dealership, I took it in my own hands to fix the instrument cluster noises. The instrument cluster is one assembled piece consisting of various parts. It tucks sort of on rails underneath the soft rubber dashboard. The bottoms side of the soft touch dash rubs against the gauges. I placed strips along the various points where the two come in contact. Noise is 105% gone.

    As for the sunroof, appointment next Wednesday.

    It's always nice to have posts like these, Google brings up results maybe someone else might find it if they are having a similar issue and it's driving them nuts.
  7. The Duke

    The Duke Member

    Has anyone experienced a squeak from the center console "pocket"area just behind the shifter? If you apply some pressure to that area it goes away. How does one remove that panel (to try and stuff some foam/tape behind it? I got the lower section off, but i can't remove the bezel entirely.

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