UGH...Bad ST buying experience.

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by STGarage, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    So I found an ST 2hrs away from my house last week. Was informed that it was a model that was in the DC AutoShow a few weeks prior. My wife says, Hey thats the one you sat in! (showing me the pic). Instant connection...had to have it.
    Drove up to look/buy with my family. Had a USAA buyers worksheet in hand, so I knew what I had to work from. I wound up buying it for a really good price that night.

    Turns out, the car had 35 miles, a few scratches, missing antenna, cracked LR reflector lens with scratch, worn drivers seat from the show, foot rubs on door panel, etc.

    The dealer, which has been awesome so far, wants to repaint the whole front bumper. I'm not happy with all this now...what should I do?

    I have asked for a new car...and we will negotiate from there.
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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Any pics of the seat wear ?
  4. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    no pics right now..the leather is smooth and slightly wrinkled compared to the unused passenger seat. Also a thread coming out of the "Recaro" stitching.

    I wouldn't call it excessive or "Worn", just not new.

    Imagine the seat traffic from thousands of people over a few days compared to say months of commuting...about the same. What was I thinking? paid for a new car, got a demo.
  5. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    ahhh this car will make you do crazy things to get one.. Hope the dealer is willing to work with you ..
  6. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    Glad I'm not the only one. At least I got a good deal(on a new one)...they are trying to make me happy, I will give them that.

    I think the ST wheel party blinded me...
  7. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Yes maybe they could put a new cover on the seat ?? just tossing ideas if they can't give you a new or different car...
  8. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    Yeah, maybe so. I more concerned with them repainting the whole front bumper. Depends on the paint guy they have I guess. xing my this car!
  9. Irsinn

    Irsinn New Member

    Never buy a car at night or in the rain...
  10. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    yeah...I looked it over before it got dark, but was eager to test drive more than inspecting for small scratches, etc. Lesson learned.
  11. Irsinn

    Irsinn New Member

    At least the dealer is making an effort to make good on the deal. If the problems are only cosmetic it should get figured out. Good luck with it all...

    I have owned and driven a lot of cars, but when it come to bang for the buck it's hard to beat the FiST... Cheers
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  12. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    Here's another hope it works out in a way with which you're happy. FWIW, 35 miles for a car on a lot wouldn't necessarily earn it the "demo" label, as I understand things. Sounds like the main issues have to do with the car being sat in, fondled, caressed, etc. by innumerable people at the car show. Most of that, and probably all of it, I would guess really is cosmetic. And if their body shop personnel can't do the paint job well, and/or the other bits of repair/makeover aren't satisfactory, I'd hope they simply work at finding you a different vehicle, or work with you on the price.

    In one sense, I'm fortunate. The very first person I took for a ride in my new FiST was my good friend Jerry. We'd met the morning after I picked up the car, at the local Starbucks. We went out to the car and hopped in so I could take him for a drive. As he put his coffee in the cup holder, he dropped it and spilled some on the seat. I'd had the car less than 24 hours, and my [ahem] good friend had already spilled coffee on the passenger-side Recaro. Then, the first time my wife climbed in the car, she managed to whang the passenger door against the trash can in the garage. No [readily apparent] damage or marks, but . . . .

    Now I'm just waiting for my neighbor's Rottweiler to come pee on the tires.
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  13. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    A Rottweiler wouldn't just pee on the tires. He'd probably chew them to pieces. :)
  14. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    If you get the car for 15k i would take it...anything higher i would bail.

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  15. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    As long as he doesn't chew me to pieces, I'll be okay! [In fairness, he's a nice dog. Not at all threatening, though looks the part.]
  16. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Yikes.. hope it all works out. Had a similar experience buying my 2nd vehicle. If its of any comfort. As ocd as I was... it did reach a point where I nearly forgot about the flaws/paint fixes etc.... and none of that mattered because I got caught up in the experience of driving something I loved. Youre gonna have dings and scars along the way.. eventually each one is just another detail in the story of your journey. Do what you can to come out on top. But dont let it prevent you from enjoying the same driving experience as the rest of us. Hope your dealer does right by you , asap so you can start racking up some more enjoyable memories.

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  17. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    Thanks for all of the kind words. I'm sure I'll forget all about this as I pull on to Virginia International Raceway for the first time.
    I've owned over 40 various cars and trucks, and I must say this car is about the most fun that I have experienced in this category.

    Can't wait to pick it up on monday. JimClark makes me want to put seat covers on and keep my kids damn man that sucks.

    Btw-I can't leave anything stock...this should be fun.
  18. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    Not the kids. Just the wife. :biglaugh:

    And FWIW, the coffee stain did come out. Mostly. :)

    The salt and sand and snow and ice on the roads have done more than everything else combined to remove the sheen of newness from my car. But I bottled a couple liters of air from the first day I had it. I open it up and take a sniff when I need a hit of new car.
  19. STGarage

    STGarage New Member

    LOL...bottles of new car smell. I need to do this.

    Had to drive mine to Maryland last week. I HATE THE SALT BRINE THEY PUT DOWN. not sure it will ever see salty roads again....

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