What Don't You Like About the FiST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by D1JL, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Thanks for the quick review.
    Yeah, when I was car shopping.. I really wanted to love the 86. I went back for a couple more test-drives... Absolutely loved the handling, and city + hwy were both a blast. Found the seats to be very comfortable, and enjoyed the driver position.. but I didn't like the interior aside from that. (That wouldn't have stopped me from getting one on it's own though). I was bugged by the lack of torque though. Ultimately the torque left me in limbo in regards to buying or not.. And then deciding I wanted an adult useable back seat clinched it for me. Visibility wasn't too bad... because I couldn't help but compare it to the nightmare the Camaro was.. Anything is amazing compared to that.

    I have the 86 partly to thank for me getting a FiST though... if I hadn't delayed deciding on a vehicle I may not have waited for the ST before picking up something else. Bit of a Debbie downer to find out the updated BRZ isn't really resolving the power concerns.

    If I win the lottery or something I'll pick up a BRZ anyway. Definitely a car I would enjoy having, just not one I can live with as an only vehicle right now. Possibly down the road some time.. pick one up... But my next vehicle will be another Raptor, or something for my lady.

    I don't need the ST to kill the twins around corners, but if it can even come remotely close to keeping up in the twisties, while resolving the torque.... and be practical.... Well, consider me a happy camper.

    Two great cars... Stoked to have one of em.

    Glad to hear that the fun factor is high even after coming from an 86 ;)

    Enjoy !
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  3. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    I think you can get the backup done as a dealer installed option.... if your dealer offers it. Not officially offered for the ST though.
  4. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Mayhem we need to focus on the present and not dwell on the past .. you need to let go of that bone-maro(aka Camaro or F-body) car you had just call it a learning opportunity and going forward from here we will get thru it... I miss my FRS and my Challengers as well as my GT at some times but this lil crotch rocket hatch back makes me forget all the past cars and calls me to drive it hard and smile when it slides the back end out on throttle lift in a quick corner .. The long bowtie night will be over soon and you will be hooning with the rest of us ... :thumbsup::woot::woot:
  5. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    It's easy for me to complain.. because I'm driving a loaner automatic focus sedan right now.... lol.. Transmission is so awful it putters up the driveway struggling to not stall out. My lady who knows nothing about cars complains about how bad the transmission is. It's funny.

    I don't miss the Camaro. Horrible car. I'll be keeping my money out of GM's pocket for a long time. After 3 consecutive awful GM vehicle experiences.(Although........... if someone hands me the keys to a new C7.... I have no quarrel with driving off with it... and not coming back...)

    ST will be the 4th Ford in the house, all of which have been great to date, and I'll stop whining when I get my hands on my ST! haha

    I admit the wait is buggin me more than I anticipated this time.
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  6. FiestaST

    FiestaST Active Member

    thanks for the info....I wont get it, I just thought it was advertised to come with the car
  7. EvoNiner

    EvoNiner Active Member

    One thing I wish my ST did better was rotate. I've only raced it a few events and I am still getting used to it, but after taking me evo for a spin I realize just how effortlessly it rotates, specially lifting off the throttle mid corner. Granted I know they are two completely different platforms. I'm hoping stickier tires and a performance alignment will help me. It's just a small gripe.

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  8. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    EvoNiner, increase the rear tire pressure and be sure the ESC is fully off. Also left foot brake to help keep the weight on the nose and off the rear.
  9. EvoNiner

    EvoNiner Active Member

    I normally drive with the esc fully off. I've been playing with the tire pressures also, granted I haven't had enough track time to find a good set up. Do you know what you tend to set your pressures at?

    Mostly I don't think its a fault with the car, it just takes more effort on my part to get the car to slide. Again it's prolly the lack of time I've driven the car.

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  10. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I used to autocross my Focus with 45-50psi in the rear and the rear Koni shocks set to full stiff. I don't remember what my road course pressure were set at. I have the data on some clipboard someplace. I got away from autocrossing FWD and moved to my CP Mustang for a few years, and then returned to FWD this summer with the ST. I kept the stock pressures on the ST and had the ESC to off or sport mode. Using the left foot braking techniques I learned at Team O'Neil, I had no issues with getting the car to rotate at the last autocross of the season.
  11. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Yeah, for FWD cars the trick is either high or low rear tire pressures and a very stiff rear-end. Running +/-50 psi gives you good rotation but quick breakaway (twitchy).

    Running 30-33 psi gives you good rotation but more manageable breakaway (neutral when you want it and trailing throttle oversteer when you want it)..
    I've seen guys successful both ways. I went the low pressure way and picked up a lot of time because I like a neutral feel. Then with either a lift or dab on the brakes the rear would ease out.
  12. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Agree, lots of tire pressure (high wheel rate) gives you a rapid break away. That was always ok for autocrossing, but I would not run on the track that high. The best option is to play around with different pressures and driving style. You will then find what works best for you.
  13. TWDM

    TWDM Member

    I think my biggest issue for now is the short first gear as I find it hard to get up to speed quick when I have to shift around 30 km/h to stay under 3k rpm.
  14. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    hmm. my Fiesta ST never honked when I got out of it running and had someone driving it around in the parking lot. key fob was in my pocket.
  15. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    This is extremely irritating! I start my car in the morning when it's really cold and it honks so damn loud it probably wakes the neighbors. Someone said leave the key in the car...what good would that do when you can't get back into it lol. I'm not carrying my spare 2nd key fob around with me too.
  16. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    This is probably one of the worst things about this car. 1st gear is extremely useless because you are only in it for 2 seconds. I wish they would have drawn it out a little longer.
  17. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I typically shift out of 1st around 4500 RPM, so I don't have the 1st gear concerns. It is too much fun to watch the tach climb and the trees get blurry to shift at low RPM. I shift my Mustang at lower RPM since it produces enough torque down low to move the planet.

    eRic, that is odd your ST doesn't do the horn thing when you get out. I thought there was another person on here whose car doesn't honk at them when they get out with the car running. If I get out of the car with it running and the key in my pocket, I usually get as far as the headlight before the horn honks.
  18. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Don't have mine yet, but I can pretty much guarantee I'll see a lot of 1st gear in Vancouver traffic..
    20 minute drive, takes me 1-2 hours in the morning most days. Downtown rush-hour city crawl speeds on the highway outside of town ftl.

    Seems like every time it rains, people lose the ability to drive. And seems like every time people drive, it decides to rain. Inevitably, everyone does the rocking horse train maneuver all the way there, 1 inch gas 1 inch brake, kissing bumper to make sure nobody cuts them off to win the 1st gear race into town. :poop:

    And on that note, off I go.
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  19. Stevelach

    Stevelach Active Member

    I think it depends on weather the door is left open or closed while you are walking away with your key and the engine running.
  20. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    Traffic is about the only thing that makes 1st gear worthy lol
  21. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Ok I tried the horn honk if you have the key fob on your person with door open and closed No Honk and I walked out to get my mail the shut the door came in house got cup of coffee then went out moved the car and walked away with it running and no honk .. Weird but it's like the no ding for tpms on mine maybe it's just stealthy fasttttt ;) lol

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