What is the QUIETEST Exhaust/Downpipe Combination?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by BlueBomber, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    Hey all,

    So here's my dilemma.

    I want to enhance performance with a better flowing exhaust and downpipe. What exhaust and downpipe combination is the quietest possible or closest to stock sound levels?

    What's the best option for this purpose?

    I am thinking a catted downpipe and a resonated exhaust of some sort, but am not sure what type yet.
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  3. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    Have you checked FSwerks site to view their video of their exhaust systems? I believe its a 2.5 inch exhaust and looks very similar to the stock exhaust system, sounds good without being overly loud.
  4. wash

    wash Active Member

    It sounds like you want a high flow downpipe with cat and the stock cat back.
  5. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    Actually as a matter of fact I am seriously considering a high flow catted dp in conjunction with the oem exhaust
  6. Purepump

    Purepump Member

    Do give this Milltek Sport Cat with Sport Resonated Catback combo some thought.
  7. MOFiST

    MOFiST Member

    Will the Milltek catted downpipe mate ok with the stock exhaust? If you wanted to do a two part upgrade. I know the CPE unit does.

    Tappin on the phone
  8. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    MOFiST: No, the Milltek Catted downpipe will NOT mate with the OEM exhaust, according to their notes. It may, but that's what all the vendor sites say.

    I'm seriously considering the Milltek Catted DP/Exhaust combo if I go that route, but I'm pretty sure I'm locked into a Cobb DP/Exhaust combo initially
  9. Purepump

    Purepump Member

    Fellow owners mated Milltek Sport Cat with either Scorpion Catback or Milltek's own. I've the Milltek decat in the trunk now which will be put on next week together with a straight thru for the track event in 2 weeks time. After that the OEM catback will go back on and will see how that goes.
  10. hyatt

    hyatt Active Member

    Has anyone found clips of the CP-E downpipe/exhaust combo? The design of the exhaust is pretty interesting and the price is decent for what looks to be a well-made part.

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