What's up with Direzza ZII availability?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Wheel and Tire Upgrades' started by AlanBDahl, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    I just grabbed the last set in my size despite claims by Tire Rack reps on various forums that there was adequate stock to last until October or so. Now just a couple of weeks later many sizes are out. Did The Tire Rack mis-estimate demand that badly or did a final shipment not arrive?
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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Dunlop has changed the spec of the tire and won't have then here in the states till Nov 2014. What is on hand is all we get till the new tire arrives from Japan.
    My guess is once word got out they sold like hot cakes .. I know I didn't waste time pulling the trigger but who knows I'm just guessing
  4. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Bummer. I guess I'll have to swap out the OEMs for driving to work and between events. The reason I liked the new rules is because I wouldn't have to change tires...
  5. k757

    k757 Active Member

    I bought a second set of Z2 just now (205/50-16) as I'm quickly reaching half life of my first set. I have 65 runs on my first set (car has 1800 miles). Fronts have medium wear and rears are pretty good still. I'll be rotating them in a few days. If I didn't get another set, I'd be running the stockers the last 1/3 of the auto-x season.

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