What's your favorite Fiesta ST color?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by WRC Fan, Aug 13, 2013.


What's your favorite Fiesta ST color?

  1. Performance Blue

    59 vote(s)
  2. Green Envy

    20 vote(s)
  3. Race Red

    16 vote(s)
  4. Molten Orange

    64 vote(s)
  5. Ingot Silver

    16 vote(s)
  6. Oxford White

    38 vote(s)
  7. Tuxedo Black

    34 vote(s)
  1. MonsterST

    MonsterST Member

    My favourite is no colour... White!
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  3. CGv2

    CGv2 New Member

    pretty sure black is the absence of color, white is the color that is all the others combined. [​IMG]
  4. MonsterST

    MonsterST Member


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  5. nate0123

    nate0123 New Member

    Disagree. If you're talking about combining colors of visible light, then yes: "black is the absence of color, white is the color that is all the others combined."

    However, since we're talking about paints & pigments, it's just the opposite. In terms of paints & pigments, white is the absence of all color.
  6. CGv2

    CGv2 New Member

    Point well taken. I was thinking about it from the visible light spectrum side of things.
  7. MasterPooBaa

    MasterPooBaa Member

    And to get annoyingly technical, with paints/pigments its about adsorption and reflection of different wavelengths of the visible spectrum that hit the surface. (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Purple)
    White paint reflects the whole spectrum (fairly) evenly.
    Red paint only reflects the red end of the spectrum (red-orange-yellow) and adsorbs the rest (green-blue-purple).
    Black adsorbs the whole visible spectrum - which is why it gets the hottest out in the sun. :)

    Here endeth the lesson :cool:
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  8. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    I voted for Performance Blue. Pretty much the only reason my Fiesta isn't PB is because I'd have had to wait for a 2015 build. I like most of the colors it's offered in, especially Green Envy/Ford RS Green. Heck, I wouldn't mind wrapping/dipping my whole car that color.
  9. Redlinez

    Redlinez Member

    I voted for white. It's the color I always look for in certain cars when I'm ready to buy, but often don't find. Performance blue is a very close second and I'm working a deal on both!
  10. kvetcha

    kvetcha Active Member

    I am really not into Green Envy, but the intense green color that Dodge offers with the 2015 Challenger looks spectacular.
  11. ST-in-Mich

    ST-in-Mich Member

    The 2015 Challenger in general looks awesome I think.
  12. xorpheous

    xorpheous Member

    Oxford White. ...should still be called Wimbledon White if you ask me.
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  13. spangenb

    spangenb Active Member

    My first car was a '68 Ford Custom in Wimbledon White. I don't think Oxford White is near the same.
  14. Charlie53554

    Charlie53554 New Member

    Traded in an '11 Ingot Silver for my PB rocket :) image.jpg image.jpg
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  15. Bronzit

    Bronzit New Member

    My favorite color isn't listed here, yet. It's new for 2015: Electric Spice Metallic, color code H8. See att., p. 19 of Ford's current color chart.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  16. limbo

    limbo Active Member

    My favorite is performance blue. I bought mine in black because it was all I could find available when I purchased last September. After seeing more of the colors I wish I had held out for PB or molten orange.
  17. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    Have you been able to determine if this color is offered on any other North American Ford product? Maybe under a different name?
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  18. SpaceFish

    SpaceFish Member

    The Spice must flow! I hear your eyes turn a deep blue once you've been driving one of those for a while though. :p
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  19. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    This reference... *thumbsup*

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  20. spangenb

    spangenb Active Member

    I'm the right generation, but I had to look that up LOL. Dune never caught my interest back in the day.
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  21. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    It's a classic, and probably most responsible (along with the Foundation series) for getting me into writing SF.

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