What's your 'Out the Door' price?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. JP Money

    JP Money New Member

    Black with Recaros, Navi, sunroof and black wheels (MSRP of ~$25,800) for just over $20k ($20,2xx) OTD. Only money from me was $3k for my 2006 MINI Cooper S. I was pretty happy with it. Black on black wasn't my first choice but this dealer gave me a decent offer so I jumped on it before my MINI gave me any big time issues.
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  3. Josh Romero

    Josh Romero New Member

    I got my 2016 Fiesta ST for $21k and change out the door.
  4. jmrtsus

    jmrtsus New Member

    $20022-------- White Platinum and moonroof only options. No trade. Included TTL and subtracting my $600 doc fee refunded a month after purchase. Worked 4 dealers over online first and had to drive 80 miles to pick it up. Taxes and title were $1700 so for those that call OTD with no TTL it was $18322. I am very happy with the price I got, the manager was also the internet salesman and after we hung up on each other a few times he just asked what would I pay and I said $20,500. We settled on $20612 with $590 doc fee that Ford customer service got refunded to me. So final was $20022 I could have paid $5k more and would have still thought FiFi was worth every penny!.
  5. chriskozl

    chriskozl New Member

    2015 base st with 9k miles with tax and fees 17K out the door
  6. Andres3165

    Andres3165 New Member

    2017 new, $20515 + ttl. Had to give up $700 rebate to get 0% Apr.
    Drove 130 miles to get it after negotiating with four different dealers.
    Pretty happy


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