What's your 'Out the Door' price?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. proximal

    proximal New Member

    Yes, that is for the base car with MSRP $22,190.
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  3. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    still a damn good price!
  4. proximal

    proximal New Member

    There's some fine print on that one:

    Off the top of my head, there are rebates for military, college students, recent college grads, having a current lease on a competitor vehicle, etc. It's possible to get most or all of the rebates, but highly unlikely for a given single buyer.
  5. Yea I didn't read the fine print. At minimum add $795 since they don't include the delivery fee. It is my understanding someone with $500 secret cash from an ordered brochure should be able to reduce this price since the vehicle is in stock. Add in a $200 processing fee and you're looking at $19,295 IF they are honest with their pricing. If it was blue with no options, I'd personally at least try for that price. Don't like black though and I doubt I'll ever find a blue ST with zero options on any lot.

    Oddly my local Ford dealer now has 2 new ST's in stock. Both blue, but with Navi, moonroof and painted wheels. Neither has Recaro's oddly enough. I was surprised to see a dealer order two without Recaro's. Wonder if they'll have a problem selling these with the stock seats???
  6. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    I am an internet saleperson at a Ford Dealer in Athens Georgia. We would be happy to order an ST for anyone for $350 over invoice and give you all rebates you qualify for (currently $1000.00 for everyone and others available). You can get the exact car you want and get it at the right price. Just delivered one to a guy from S.C and he said we beat everyone.

    We also include a FREE LIFETIME powertrain warranty. That means that you will have a warranty the same as Fords powertrain warranty as long as you own the car. We deliver to Georgia, Alabama, Tenn., South Carolina, and some others just ask. You can call me at 770-403-9855.
  7. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Damn lifetime PT warranty? No dealers in the tristate area offers that!

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  8. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    There are many rebates available. Most are not for everyone. I will work with you to get you every one you qualify for.
  9. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    Good nationwide. The only catch is that you must keep up maintenance and keep records.. One heck of a deal.
  10. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Its either the $1000 rebate or 0% intrest rate you cant have both correct?

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  11. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    The Lowest a sticker price could be with no options would be $22,195.00 That includes delivery.
  12. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    Correct. additionally you can get 1.9% for 72 months instead of the $1000
  13. OK, what is the invoice on a zero option Fiesta ST? And above you posted $350 over invoice on an order. Then you mentioned any available rebates. So is it $350 over invoice minus any rebates you qualify for? What's your admin fees? $600 I imagine? How does buying out of state work? I'm in South Carolina. I'm sure others might want to know as well.

    Nice to see a salesperson on here. I commented on not seeing any in another thread. On a few mini cooper boards the salespeople clean house and are very popular. Tons of fly in's and drive away sales.
  14. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member


    On a Base zero option Fiesta the sticker price would be$22,195.00 Invoice on a zero option car is $21,822.00 our dealer (admin) fee is $599.00. Keep in mind some colors cost more.

    If you want a car with say a lot more options it would save you a better amount, the mark up is in the options.

    I will sell you a base, no option car for the invoice. $21,822.00 + the dealer fee of $599.00 (this pretty much covers the cost of the powertrain warranty). And, you will get any and all rebates you qualify for. You will also get the LIFETIME powertrain warranty included at no additional cost. This warranty is good nationwide, it mirrors the Ford powertrain warranty (as in covers all the same stuff even turbo).

    I will be 100% transparent with you. For out of state people the deal works the same as any other deal. You will only pay taxes based on your state you live in. I can have it delivered to you within reason (up to 250 miles). Yes they will drive it but, we only hire very responsible retired guys who would not even consider dogging your car. You also can always pick it up.
  15. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    By the way current rebate is at least $1000.00, more for recent college grad or military.
  16. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Picking up on wed a fully equipped tux black, orange recs, nav, roof, grey wheels for $454 0% 60mo. I had a trade in which I still owed the bank $11,800.

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  17. Kevin Miner

    Kevin Miner New Member

    Sounds like an ok deal.. Payment is not important. I know that sounds dumb but it is the truth. How much you get for your trade and how much you pay for the car before taxes is what counts. Ultimately I know payment matters to your budget but before you worry about payment make sure you know the other numbers.
  18. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    They gave me $11,000 for a 06 TL no nav 64k miles, $1100 off the msrp from the ST, $160 for doc and title and licence fees, 8.875% tax. Ive been to 5 different dealers in about 3 weeks and by far this was the best deal I could get.
    Update: After threatening to walk i got $1500 of the msrp. Free ST all weather mats, free wheel locks which should be standard anyway. They tried selling me an ext warranty for 5 years which is really two more years after the original expires for $1100...i said nah cause a Bigger turbo will void it anyway lol
    Got them to remove my fiesta badge and move the st logo from the left side to the right where it really belongs :)
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  19. jariten

    jariten Member

    Just picked up a white with nav, recaro's, moonroof, and painted wheels (didn't really want nav, moonroof, or painted wheels, but I was tired of fixing up the DD every month and I was going home with a white BRZ or FiST today and it was the only one around).

    Sticker was 26,115, got it for 23,653 + TTL cash. Lots of dicking around required to get there. Additionally they only offered me 2000 bucks on my trade in initially (2004 mazda 6s wagon 5spd with quite a few little niggling problems and a carfax ding from where I was rear ended by a commuter bus). Finally got them up to 3400 (was aiming for 3000 so I was good with that). Had the subaru (white limited 2013 model) only down to 27500ish so Ford with an extra 4k to mod with (eventually) is how I went.

    Was there for 5 and a half hours... It was like buying in the 90s again. I haven't had to spend hours going through 4 square crap, having another dealer on the phone haggling simultaneously, and having the dude go talk to his 'manager' 57k times in 15 years. Bought three new Mazda's, and a VW in that time and never had to spend more than two hours for the whole deal. Definitely going to check out other dealers for service if I need it.
  20. Since I've never traded in a car before, how does the math work on out the door price with a trade in? You paid 23,653 but is that before or after the trade in? IE did you actually pay $27,053 before trade in?
    Funny you mention the buying experience and how long it was. My neighbors had the same thing happen with them yesterday. At the dealership ALL day going back and forth etc. Like you, they thought those car buying experiences were long gone. I guess not. And they didn't even have a trade in.
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