What's your 'Out the Door' price?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Here in Canada it's much more expensive.. Hmmm
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  3. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    What is the sticker price for a fully loaded st before taxes fees etc?
  4. littledog

    littledog New Member

    I used Costco's pricing for a barebones special-order. $21583 - $1000 rebate = $20583 + taxes, etc. My out-the-door is going to be $21500.
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  5. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Thats a nice Price !
  6. MLKN

    MLKN Active Member

    Where are you buying? That is super low for tax, fees, and registration. Usually those add 10% to the purchase price at least.
  7. MLKN

    MLKN Active Member

    If anyone in the SF Bay Area needs a lead for internet sales rep who offers a great price I have a recommendation. Feel free to private message me because I don't wanna use the forum for solicitation.
  8. F1ST

    F1ST Member

    Tuxedo Black + Recaros
    23587 - $1000 rebate = 22587
    Think I could have done a bit better from what I've seen. I also had an offer of $406 better from a different dealer but they were more than that off in my trade. Turns out I didn't end up trading anything in so I lost out on that. Not too bad overall and at least I'm driving one now. Put down a big chunk so my payment are less than what I was spending on my 2011 SE
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  9. How did you like the Costco buying service? Did you compare with Truecar or others? USAA seems to be a smidge cheaper than Truecar, but more or less uses the same pricing. No dealers that I've dealt with will accept private cash going through USAA. So I've been taking the USAA price and seeing if I can get that and then subtract $500 private cash. Not much success so far when it comes to sitting down and signing the papers.

    Unless I'm doing it wrong, the thing I don't like about the Costco buying service is you don't see your price until the dealers contact you. From what I've seen, I pick my car and options and then send info off via Costco to the dealers. No idea of what the car will cost until the dealers contact me. Seems odd.
  10. MLKN

    MLKN Active Member

    I leased so the incentives were not as good. Only 750 plus 500 private cash. If you buy it is 1500 minimum plus private cash right now.
  11. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    OTD price was just over $20, first Fiesta ST that dealer had sold... I'll take it,
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  12. woovillquattro

    woovillquattro New Member

    I ordered mine with sun roof, Recaro package, the darker wheels and painted calipers. My window sticker says $25,500. Of course when it gets here and I actually buy it then the rebates and stuff will kick in. But that should give you a ball park of before any deals if you're looking at a similar package to me.
  13. Heronboy

    Heronboy New Member

    I used Costco yesterday to purchase my Fiesta ST, and I have used Costco in the past with Kia and VW. Yes, Costco does not share the price with you, only the dealer can. However, it has always been a good price and worth the time visiting the dealer (most dealers are NOT Costco dealers), assuming I was serious about buying a car in the very near future.

    The Ford dealer I used was very upfront and showed me the Costco price sheet for the entire Ford catalog. In the case of the Fiesta ST the current Costco price is $0.00 over dealer invoice. Add in any rebates or incentives ($1250.00 in the case of the lease I did) and I ended up with a 2 year lease, 15k miles a year, with $1500.00 down for $303/month. Not too bad.
  14. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Hi! and welcome to the forum. From your avatar looks like your "other " ride is similar to mine.
  15. Heronboy

    Heronboy New Member

    Thanks! And no, it is not my other ride, unfortunately. Just a supremely cool and perfectly restored Jeep Forward Control fire truck I saw in Napa Valley last year. I would have posted a pic of my '57 Dodge Power Wagon but it's buried under crap in the garage.
  16. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    I am finding that the Internet sales managers in the San Francisco Bay Area can go as low as $21,000 before incentives on a base model (add the invoice price of any options to that). Current incentives (without financing) seem to be $1500 retail customer cash and $500 Retail Bonus Customer Cash and $500 Private Cash (request a brochure online for a Mustang or Taurus or Fusion (not a fiesta or focus!)to get that coupon). That would bring the total for a base model down to $18,500 before Tax and License !! In my case I will be leasing which means I only get $750 lease cash and $500 Private cash for a total of $19,750 plus an Lease Aquisition fee of $645 and state DMV and tire fees of $284.75 for a total Capitalized cost of $20,679.75. Given that the residual, on a 24 month 10,500 mile lease, of this car is 67% of the MSRP of $22,225 or $14,890.75, and that the lease rate is 1.25% that should leave me making payments on $5,789 over 24 months which should be $259.70 plus sales tax.
  17. capt4inslow

    capt4inslow New Member

    These prices are helpful,

    In the midst of negotiating with dealers myself!
  18. Patrick26

    Patrick26 New Member

    Went in to see how much they would value my trade in at (2000 Honda S2000 108k) was in the market but wasn't in a rush plus the only FiST they had was equiped with every available option($26,000 msrp). The dealer ended up valuing my car at $8k and they ran some numbers and with my trade in plus the available incentives for a lease with $6k down and $2k back my 3yr lease with 12500mi annually came out to $180.00 a month.
  19. capt4inslow

    capt4inslow New Member

    No additional options,

    I'm getting quoted at $22,072.24 and $22,032.48 OTD at the moment.

    Keeping my fingers to see if some network dealers will beat it.
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  20. Samara

    Samara New Member

    26 and change for an Orange with all the options, after 1000 rebate.
  21. Patrick26

    Patrick26 New Member

    Good credit is key if your in the 700s expect the red carpet of deals to be rolled out.

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