What's your 'Out the Door' price?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. johnanderson

    johnanderson New Member

    I contacted 2 dealers that were willing to do $19600 and $20700 OTD before TTL. Seems like a good deal.
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  3. smatty

    smatty Member

    I thought that was called the sale price and OTD included tax and license... Perhaps I am misunderstanding the concept of OTD
  4. johnanderson

    johnanderson New Member

    I asked to quote their out the door price but that didnt include TTL. I think they listed their sale price for a lower figure.
  5. kc135_driver

    kc135_driver New Member

    Just signed the papers for my PB ST for a pre-TTL price of $21400.
    Recaros and Rado Grey wheels.
    $2850 in rebates ($1750 FoMoCo financing + $500 military + $500 private cash + $100 AAA discount)
    The salesperson's jaw dropped when he found out that all the rebates stacked without any getting rejected. I was happy. :)
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  6. MLKN

    MLKN Active Member

    Shucks I didn't realize there was a AAA discount.
  7. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Where did you see about the AAA discount. I did a quick search and didn't come up with much. I'll have to bring that up to my dealer. Just thought it would be good to have a print out or find out if they are a participating dealer. I've been bothering them enough.

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  8. kc135_driver

    kc135_driver New Member

    Found it through Truecar.com . I actually used them for my order since they get you a price pretty close to invoice without you having to haggle.

    Btw, for those considering it, don't go for the ford financing rebate of $1750 if you can help it. I got a low, low interest rate of 6%. *sarcasm* You'll save a lot more money going the 0% apr route. I only did it to get the additional rebate and plan on paying off the loan after the three month min period.

  9. Molten Orange with smoke grey Recaros for 21845 before TTL.

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  10. ChrisTahoe

    ChrisTahoe New Member

    I got my Race Red with Recaros, moonroof, and navigation for $22,060 before TTL (about $800 here in South Dakota).
  11. no-pistons

    no-pistons Member

    No added options on my car: $18400 before TTL

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  12. StokeSmack

    StokeSmack New Member

    Nice! 20,700 stock on the road, including TTL.
  13. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Wow that's a great price. Making me feel like I need to re negotiate
  14. Kepz

    Kepz New Member

    the one I just built, pretty loaded, was 25060.
  15. Xanergy

    Xanergy New Member

    $20,980 Before TTL

    Race Red - Moon-roof, Rado Wheels, Navigation, Tint
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  16. hyatt

    hyatt Active Member

    Ingot Silver with Smoke Storm Recaros and Nav was 24,469.49 after incentives and tax, title, and license. I'm taking delivery on Friday. I can't wait, it's been a long time coming!
  17. The Duke

    The Duke Member

    X-plan for a molten orange/rado wheels/Recaros (24K or so). Taxes in my county amounted to almost 2K though. That's without any rebates, still need to figure out which route I'm going to take (Ford credit, my own bank, etc.). Should be signing tomorrow. :)
  18. Xanergy

    Xanergy New Member

    If you have good credit, talk them down as low as you can on the APR for Ford Credit. Managed to get under $250 a month with $7500 down. Think APR was 5.25 at 72 months. Quite high but I plan on re-financing after I get some extra cash to make a few big payments. Hopefully lower my payments my $50 at least in a year or so.

    Sounds like a good price. Was about to purchase Tuxedo Black with all options for just over 22K after incentives. TTL would of been another 2k so decided against it for monthly payments to come in where I wanted them.
  19. Garrett

    Garrett New Member

    msrp was 21,995 on mine. leasing it for 2 years @242 a month (inc tax) and my residual is $14,000. car should be worth 18K by the time my lease is up with 20,000 miles on it.
  20. Um that price is absolutely smoking! Good job! Where I live that would be $21,350 OTD w/TTL. Damn!!
  21. Neely2005

    Neely2005 Member

    I bought a Fully Loaded (it literally has every feature) Canadian Fiesta ST.

    $26,009 Price
    $1565 Freight
    $100 Air Conditioner Tax

    Total before Sales Tax and Trade In is $27,674.

    0% Financing for 72 Months.

    Gas Card for 1000 Litres of gas @ 95 Cents a Litre.

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