Wheel paint cracking

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Bahkaboy, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Bahkaboy

    Bahkaboy Member

    I've taken my car to two different full service car washes and both times the paint has chipped off the rims. I took it to the dealer and they said they didn't appear curbed, which i was afraid they would, but when they sent the photos to Ford, ford said they were curbed. It only happens on the driver front. Shouldn't our rims be able to survive a full service car wash?
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  3. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    Rados? Yeah, the paint comes off in chips. I've had a few close encounters with curbs that resulted in chips coming off. The rim ends up being scraped just a little bit but I've lost a ton of paint :(

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  4. Bahkaboy

    Bahkaboy Member

    I think I'm going to plasti dip them.
  5. Removed

    Removed Guest

    My silver ones are chipped. Probably going to have them powdercoated.
  6. Eric Hamann

    Eric Hamann Member

    Same thing here... Pisses me off
  7. speraw09

    speraw09 New Member

    I was cleaning my wheels one day and chips of paint just came off.
  8. rcl4668

    rcl4668 Active Member

    I had a local Goodyear shop mount winter tires on my stock Rado Grey rims and that resulted in two piant chips on the rims. What's frustrating is that it has been incredibly difficult to find the Ford paint code for our rims. I wonder what the reason for that is.
  9. jfdana

    jfdana Member

    The paint on one of my wheels came off in two really big flakes near the axle just from changing tires. As best I can figure out, the paint is laid on too thick and too fast (saves money for them) resulting in poor adhesion and hardening. Sold it for scrap. On the plus side, I really like my OZ's.
  10. Eric Hamann

    Eric Hamann Member

    They should recall!
  11. rcl4668

    rcl4668 Active Member

    It's unfortunate; I really like the look of the stock rims and the dark grey finish. All I'm hoping is that I can find some fairly good color matched touch up paint. If the chipping becomes really bad I may have the rims powdercoated or refinished entirely.
  12. Eric Hamann

    Eric Hamann Member

    I'll probably dip mine

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