Where are you located?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by WRC Fan, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. k757

    k757 Active Member

    Danbury, CT
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  3. svt3d

    svt3d Member

    Tacoma Wa
  4. Steve walton

    Steve walton New Member

    Gold Coast Australia
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  5. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Wahey! A fellow SEQ member... welcome Steve! :cool:
  6. TheTruthHurts78

    TheTruthHurts78 New Member

    Temecula, CA
  7. SpaceFish

    SpaceFish Member

    St. Louis, MO
  8. 70sstrat08

    70sstrat08 Member

    St. Paul, MN
    Yay it's April and were still supposed to get snow this week :facepalm:.
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  9. Sargine

    Sargine New Member

    Simsbury CT
  10. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    Nice! Glad to see another CT owner. I've been recruiting folks to the local autocross events if you're interested. I've run with both CART and FCSCC.
  11. k757

    k757 Active Member

  12. Ca5p3r

    Ca5p3r Member

    I hear ya. We got quite a bit of snow in Grand Forks. First time having summer tires (really Ford?) and now I know how horrible they are on snow. Got stuck several time (I wanted to find out how they behave) only because I couldn't get tracking, not because the fist is low to the ground.

    I hope that there isn't much snow this weekend in mineapolis. My mom is flying in and I'm going to get her... might have to tell my dad to bring the f-150.
  13. Sargine

    Sargine New Member

    Hell yeah. Im definitely trying to get into autox this summer. And im glad im not the only one in Connecticut. Are you guys going to any of the college car shows these next few weekends?
  14. k757

    k757 Active Member

    The best learning curve club around here is FCSCC as you get to ride with other drivers.

    I have no time for that. Most weekends, I have one day taken with autox and the other with whatever. I used to go to a bunch of them but just haven't made it a priority as the vast majority of people there don't drive their cars like I do :)
  15. Sargine

    Sargine New Member

    Lol fair enough maybe ill see you around the CART events or something
  16. Implicate

    Implicate New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio.
  17. CGv2

    CGv2 New Member

    Westchester, NY whats gooooood:woot:
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  18. MasterPooBaa

    MasterPooBaa Member

    Brisbane, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, Sol, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe. :)
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  19. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Yeah... I was lazy and just said 'Bris Vegas'... :p
  20. lill2012

    lill2012 Member

    Cresskill, NJ (northeast nj)
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  21. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

    Milwaukee WI (cudahy)

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