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    Car wouldn't start this morning. Suspected it was a battery issue but jumping it failed. Car so dead the lights wouldn't even turn on and the key wouldn't lock or unlock. Tried to Push Start it but realized we have no idea how to with keyless start ignition. Our original suspicions were that it was a result of SYNC's Sirius futile attempts to performance an "update". Lights were not left on and it didn't appear that any doors were left open. Time between last driving car and failed start attempts was probably around 12 hours. When Ford finally showed up they didn't even try to jump it, just loaded it onto a flatbed. Its only the second non-starting incident within 20 days of ownership. No biggie**

    **Also Sarcasm**

    I blame Microsoft
    Excuse the Typos, Written from my iPhone***

    ***Also Sarcasm, I use an HTC One***
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  3. Mayhem

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles thus far. Hope they do right by you and get you back into your car good as new. (Well, better than new in your case). ASAP.

    Be interested to hear what turns out to be the issue with your car. Keep us posted !
  4. Noah

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    Still no word on what happened other than the fact it was the battery.

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