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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Wheel and Tire Upgrades' started by Mikeygti, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I have the same wheels too. Did you have buy the centre caps separately? My ford dealer said they didn't come with the wheels I think the centre caps where $8 each.

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  3. MosesCDN

    MosesCDN Member

    Nothing to buy, they were part of a package from the dealer when I bought it. I have to say, I was totally impressed when I picked it up. I half expected them to be really ugly. I only
    saw a line-art drawing of them from a parts catalogue diagram before committing to getting them.

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  4. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    The parts guy at my dealer was a bit difficult to deal with, they never could tell me what the wheels where going to look like. According to my salesman I was supposed to to pay for getting wheels mounted, balanced but they never charged me for the labour services. What kind of winters did you get? I got Nokian Hakka R2's, had to pay an extra $185 for them though. When my dealer was looking at the time all of the 195/50r16 winter tires through ford were all back ordered except for some continental winter tire.
  5. MosesCDN

    MosesCDN Member

    I got Blizzaks.

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  6. I went with the recommended 15" black steel wheel/tire package from TireRack, however, I change the default tire to Blizzaks:
    15x6 4-108 et47 cb63 st new
    195/55R-15 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60(rep Steve told me these were the last ones in the warehouse during our chat while ordering)

    I'm really pleased with my first order from TireRack. They arrived during our blizzard, and UPS was going to delay them one more day(truck was still in the center and not out for delivery), so I called TireRack, who intercepted the order so I could pick them up in person. I installed them that night in my driveway, and drove to my hockey game. They were all at 34psi, and I wasn't going to bother with front/rear pressure bias when it was -15 degF plus windchill. If anyone walked by, I'm sure they'd have thought I was ripping off my own car, what with my full ski mask on.

    These are damned impressive tires in the snow and ice! I clawed out of my subdivision before it was plowed with no trouble at all. And with 15", I don't panic at every pothole I see AT THE LAST SECOND! One week later, and it's 40 degF, and easy to find the traction limits on Blizzaks. Snow and low 20s due later this week.
  7. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Oh yes these 15 inch snow tires are easily over powered .. kinda fun in a sad way $$$ LOL
  8. Yeah, I can't have it both ways, but I'm not swapping tires every change in the weather. Besides, it's fun to get sideways without breaking the speed limit. I used to own a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, and I looked forward to rain and snow for the same reason. Plus, I get the unplowed "snow lane" all to myself. I'm sure everyone I pass is shaking their heads, "idiot!"
  9. jimlau

    jimlau Member

    I see many others went with the Sport Edition SE16s. I ordered them too since they were cheap, but as soon as I had them on the car I loved them! I considered buying another set of them (17s) for summers, but I'm good with the gray stock 17s. I went for Dunlop Winter Maxx at 185/60R-15. I've been quite pleased with the grip on all the wet, snowy, and icy surfaces. Of course they're not sticky in the dry, but that's fine. Very pleased with this setup. I got the TPMS sensors installed and mounted/balanced by Tire Rack. Install was easy and my dealer paired the sensors to the car for me (and washed it) free. IMG_4825.jpg IMG_4827.jpg IMG_4843.jpg IMG_4847.jpg
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  10. __V__

    __V__ Member

    Those do look great, I ordered some other snows to do something a bit different. Just need to car to show up now.
  11. Rictuserectus

    Rictuserectus New Member

    hi guys, i see most of you are buying or looking for winter tires or just curious.. If any of you can help or advice me with my situation it would be awesome.. I live in Vancouver and since i got the car 2 motnhs ago, i have no problem wth the wheels or tires, i live in downtown so dont get any snow here. However Im gonna have a road trip up to banff/Alberta first week of march and I have been convinced by lot of people that I need winter tires to go up there since its surounded by rocky mountains.. I personally dont want to buy a set of wheels just for a week of road trip, but i ve been told that the RCMP issues a ticket and doesnt let you drive any further.. of course the stock tires are not any good for snow situations Im in a dilemma since I really dont want to spend that much money on a set of wheels that I will not use when i get back..
    open to any suggestions atm
  12. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I would definitely recommend getting a set of winters, one small sciff of snow and your screwed. If you don't want to get winters it will be cheaper to rent a car. Even with all seasons on a rental you would be far better off than high performance summers in the mountains if it snows.

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  13. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I just checked and you can get a weekly rate for $115 + $50 for taxes and fees, that was a mid size car. That was through Enterprise Car rentals. The cheapest you could probably get a set of winters would be $800

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  14. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    imho, You're treadin on thin ice.. (Literally)... Temperatures have been below zero quite a bit lately... I had few close calls recently and I'm on my brand new winter setup.... No we don't have snow, but we definitely have black ice. And aside from maybe this week, we've been below zero for the past couple months majority of the time. The summer's are not rated for these temps. It's not about snow, it's about Summers needing to be heated up so that they can soften and gain the proper traction. Vancouver, you're goin to get use out of winters for a third of the year? Which isn't at all a waste. Plus with all the 0 temps and all the rain lately, I wouldn't be surprised to see more snow sooner than later.

    I only drove my FiST in 5+ temps, and then I tucked it in the garage until my winters arrived in any other conditions.

    The stock tires I think are rated for... only above 5? or something... Most of this week is going to be -1 to 3. And this is a warm week.

    Not to mention, if you get into a bender with summer tires in zero temps... ICBC is going to make you regret it.

    It's a pain in the ass, to have to fork up the extra grand for wheels/tires/install... but they'll last you a few years, save you thousands if you get into anything involving ICBC, and if they save your life even once.. It's an investment you can never question.

    Can't tell you how many of my friends in there AWD high end euro's and luxury SUV's this year, laughed at me for getting winters, when they had all seasons and said I would be fine on summers.... Called me to tell me they couldn't get out of their parking garage/driveway because the all seasons weren't givin them traction in the 0 temps.

    Hate to sound like a parent. But yeah.. I'm honestly surprised you've lasted the past 2 months on the stockers. You can get lucky a million times, but it only takes once and you're done. Ask me how spine surgery feels :p

    I get you though, with our half assed winters, I absolutely loathe having to fork up the extra dough for a winter setup. But to be honest, I don't blame our crappy weather, I blame Ford for not giving us tire options.... And not considering that not everyone lives in sunshine.

    Congrats on the ride though! I came super close to picking up that color... Was my original choice. Beauty.

    You don't happen to be parked in the kits area at all? I think someone posted up a white one that was parked in kits on one of the other forums... I have not seen any other FiST's locally aside from mine in person.... Excluding dealer stock... since I got mine in November.
  15. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Actually come to think of it, my last encounter with black ice was the end of last week. Caught me off guard big time as the temps haven't been as bad lately and I've got the winter set on. 3 times the one morning.
  16. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I couldn't agree with you more, I'm in Prince George and know all about winter. I would recommend to any FiST owner to get winters anywhere it can get colder than 7 deg C. A bit of black ice and you'll be in the ditch in a heart beat with those summer tires and like you said ICBC will say to you nice knowing you as they denied your claim.

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  17. Hiramw

    Hiramw New Member

    I think someone posted a link to these earlier in the thread or perhaps it was a different thread. Here are some reasonably priced snow tires for the stock rims:

    Sunny SN3830 205/40R17XL 84V

  18. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Changing to to stock tires/rims this weekend... Yahoooo
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  19. Yeah, me, too! I changed them before a road trip to NY, and I kept them on. WOW, it's like a new car. I had the factory tires on for only a day or so before putting snows(and none too soon, thank you Polar Vortex). I'm enjoying new car thrills all over again. I also noticed they do just fine at 20 degF.

    I also noticed I'd been pushing the snows too hard, especially the fronts:eek:. I guess I wasn't very patient on days without snow. Lesson learned for next year. I knew they were soft, but damn.
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  20. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    I did it a week ago today. Totally different feel!

    well not stock....the 16s with Direzzas....
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  21. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Same here. I forgot what they ride like.. But then again I kinda like the look of black steelies with the tuxedo black ST
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