Worried about daily drive-ability (some specific points)

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    I'll add to the data points. I bought my fully loaded FiST on Thanksgiving 2013 and by February had almost 20,000 miles on the car. I work in California with a 45 minute commute to work, and my family lives in Tucson so many of those miles were spent on the 10 between SoCal and Tucson (1000 miles round trip). Based on my usage, here are the answers to your questions:

    1.) I find the Recaro seats extremely comfortable. I'm 5'10" with a long torso. I have the seat all the way down and I sit fairly upright in the semi-race position. Over time, I felt like the seat loosen up a bit to fit my frame a little better. At 210 I'm a bit on the heaver side of an athletic frame.

    2.) Car feels great on good highway. It is firm...really firm, but not harsh. I have had no issues with the cruise control, works fine in my car. Headlights are good and on really dark roads the fog/driving lights are effective.

    3.) MFT has been a pleasant surprise to me. If you've used a Garmin, then you'll be used to having to press the screen deliberately to get commands to take. It's a bit of a reach to the screen but not horrible. I find the maps load pretty quickly. Voice control is the way to go. Take the time to learn the system. You can save your home location and any other location as a Favorite and once done you simply tell sync Navigation (wait for response)/Destination, Favorites (wait for response and favorites list to come up on screen)/Say line number you want. Works very well IMO.

    4.) I had discussions with other people about Gas before. The manual says you can run regular and apparently some here have gotten better fuel economy on regular gas. I personally run 91 octane in the car with no issues and acceptable gas mileage.

    5.) I don't find the rear visibility to be any worse than any other comparably sized hatchbacks I've driven. Rear headrests can be removed, but the rear window is smallish anyways so you wouldn't gain a whole lot.
    6.) I feel like the car is pretty solid. Yes, I have heard a couple of squeaks and rattles, usually on rough roads. My last car was a Volvo S60 which was extremely quiet, so at first I think I was more sensitive to noises. However, I'm a huge music nut so 90% of the time I have Sirius blasting rock music significantly louder than any wind or road noise. One thing to consider about build quality, this is essentially a $15000 car with a bunch of go-fast parts on it. I don't know why people buy these cars and think they should have the same materials/craftsmanship/fit and finish of an Audi, Volvo, or even a GTI. It's a very good car, and so far it's been very easy to live with.

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